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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

New HFC Record

My nieces are here for a two-night sleepover.  We have about 34 waking hours to conquer everything on our “to do” lists.  When Ashley (age 14) was asked what SHE would like to do, her reply was, ”Whatever”.  Jamie (age 11) was determined to do two things FOR SURE – go to Rockin’ Jump trampoline park and go Penny Finding! 

Uncle Doc and I picked up the girls yesterday precisely at 10 a.m.  One of the first stops was a sentimental visit to Chuck E Cheese’s where we used to take them when they were young.  Next a stop at Sprouts where each girl was given $10 to buy some snacks for the rest of the trip, then they “checked in” at the Penny Palace.  Uncle Doc took a nap, then it was off to 2+ hours at the trampoline park.  Don’t know how they could do some of those maneuvers – and to do it for hours! 

Of course the girls were starving after all that exercise, so dinner was next, followed by the movie Anne of Green Gables.

A pretty nice haul yesterday:  9P, 3N, 4D, 5Q and 16 Chuck E Cheese tokens (worth 25¢ each).
That made three Hits for the Cycle on Day #1.

Hit for the Cycle = Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter
This is Day #2 of our adventure.  Jamie asked what my record was for Hits for a Cycle in ONE day.  I told her “four”.  She said she was going to beat that today!

We went coin searching in the morning.  Found coins at the grocery store, car wash, 7-11, etc.  A total of 15 P, 4 N, 6 D, and 7 Q!   WOW!  That made FOUR Hits for the cycle.

This afternoon we did the Big City Scavenger Hunt in Riverside.  That was a neat experience.  We were looking for clues and for coins.   

Jamie noted how we had enough pennies, dimes and quarters, but really needed some nickels.  I replied “Take a look at the sidewalks and gutters where people are hopping on and off buses.  Sure enough within 60 seconds we had a nickel in hand!  Manifesting at its finest!

This afternoon we collected 8 P, 1 N, and 2D. 

That set a new record of FIVE Hits for the Cycle in One Day. (Just two more nickels would have made it seven HFC).

EIGHT Hits for the Cycle in two days!  Pretty Exciting!

Lessons:     Always Strive to be Better
                       Set High Goals
                       Persistence Pays!

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