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Sunday, July 15, 2018

No Place Like Home

As Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz would say: “There’s No Place Like Home,” and today I would add: “We are NOT in Canada any more”.

Doc and I recently spent three weeks in Canada.  Sure the food was great, there were numerous fun experience, and the scenery in the Rockies was incredible!  But as far as Penny Finding, the Canada terrain was BLEAK!  Canada discontinued pennies many years ago, plus most establishments now take cards versus cash.  Thus, wayward coins are quite rare.  It was a real challenge to find even one coin each day. 

On average days Doc and I find 2-10 coins as we are conducting our normal activities.  I just found 38 coins at my only stop today. It’s exciting when a Coin Mine is found (12+ coins at one location).  So today the equivalent of three Coin Mines were found in that one spot.  Also on last Saturday 7/7,  I found 38 coins in a single stop.  Each of those days there was one quarter, three nickels, several dimes and LOTS of PENNIES!    LOL   That also means a Hit for the Cycle (P, N, D, Q) each of those days.

This sure beats the Coin Finding in Canada. 
It’s good to be home!

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