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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Goodbye Friend

Today is Consecutive Day #658 of Penny Finding. A month since the last Penny Tale was posted. 

Goodbye Friend
Doc and I are sad today in the passing of our good friend Dundee.  He adopted us, then was a faithful companion for nearly fourteen years.

On the day our dog Norman died in 2015, we found only one coin – a 2015 D penny.    Doc and I generally find several coins each day so that was unusual.  From that point on, we determined that 2015 Pennies would be Norman’s way of communicating with us.  And there have been numerous circumstances when a 2015 Penny was found precisely when needed.

Today after we put Dundee down, Doc said “Dundee strikes me more as a nickel kinda guy.  Perhaps today we will find a nickel for him.”  (Note that nickels are the most difficult to find of the four standard coins).

Doc and I stopped at a grocery store.  Can you guess what we found?  Yup!  A NICKEL.  And not just any nickel, but a beautiful new 2019 one!  Perhaps symbolizing Dundee’s beautiful new body in heaven?  PLUS there was a 2015 penny along with it!  And if THAT wasn’t awesome enough…25 is my favorite number, so there was also a quarter there!  

That’s a pretty special assortment of three coins.


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