In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

"Distance" Coins

A few of you have expressed your concerns over Doc and I heading out into public for merely a daily PENNY.  COVID-19 restrictions are now to shelter at home (except for essential trips) and avoid contact with people.  “Social Distancing” is the new buzz term.  Yesterday I forwarded your concerns to the Universe, today it answered. 

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There was a break in the rain today, so Doc and I did some fence painting.  Actually Doc had been scheduled for a prostate biopsy this morning, but the doctor called to say it did not make "cents" for Doc to come into the medical center - stay away right now.

As our reward for those three hours of work, Doc and I went out for a drive.  We figured that staying inside our car would equate to “social distancing”.

At the stoplight at the end of our street, there were no cars or people visible in ANY direction.  It was a very deserted intersection in a residential area. I looked out my passenger window and there was a nickel shining brilliantly in the sun!  (Nickels are the most difficult to find).  WHY would it be THERE?  Since there were zero cars or people, it was “safe” to hop out and fetch that “distance” coin.   “THANK YOU Penny Angels – that was thoughtful and creative of you”.

Jordan's Quarter
Next Doc and I went to the Verizon Store because Doc's phone was not behaving properly.  Jordan was the only employee working and there were no other customers in the store.  Jordan was evaluating Doc’s phone (with gloved hands and a face mask) and standing over a quarter!  Finally I could bear it no longer… “Jordan would you kindly move a few steps away so that I might move forward and rescue that poor quarter you are trampling?”  We had a good laugh at that.  He moved aside and said, “There’s a dime right over there as well!”  So I retrieved the dime while sharing a few Penny Tales with Jordan.  Doc and I found an additional four pennies while going back to the van.  That means a Hit for the Cycle today!  Pretty impressive Angels.  LOL

Today’s Lesson:  There are forces all around us who are here to help – and they are not susceptible to COVID-19!   LOL


Chaz DeSimone said...

Wonderful post. Your emails are interesting, but the real gold (or silver or copper or nickel) is in reading the full post. Explaining that a nickel is the most rare to find was the "aha" to that part of the story. But then the real surprise (other than you and Doc actually venturing out - be careful!) was completing the cycle, right there in the store.
Please stay safe, my dear friends.

LG said...

You two are a hoot!