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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Popping Pennies

We have been living at the Penny Palace for over a year now.  In that time I have taken numerous walks around the neighborhood by myself or with various friends, but never with Doc. He does not like to walk.  This morning he surprised me by asking to go for a walk!  We did.  I found a shiny penny in the street of this quiet residential neighborhood!  My response was, “Thank You Angels.  You are correct.  My mind was thinking of a million other things.  I had not even thought about anything remotely ‘spiritual’ today.  Thanks for the reminder.  Good Morning!”

I figured that was my Penny Find for today.


Our patriotic celebrations today consisted of decorating our mailbox.  My heart was a little sad in thinking about Sasha.  Wish he was here.  He was to have attended a 4th of July BBQ and parade with Host Family #6 in Clayton, CA. 


This evening just after 7 p.m. Doc said he wanted to get out of the house.  He proposed going Penny Finding.  I told him to go alone since I had already found a penny today. (After being with him all day, I wanted some time to tackle a few of MY tasks).  PLUS I was concerned that the obnoxious Penny Angels would do something note worthy and then I would feel “Nudged” to write about it and today is a Holiday and I did not FEEL like spending a few hours writing a dog-gone Penny Tale!  However, Doc insisted I go with him to walk the streets.

Doc drove to the local car wash and gas station.  Within a few seconds of getting out of the van, I found a penny and told Doc we could go home.  He wanted to get 2,000 more steps on his pedometer, so he kept walking -- and finding coins.  I then found a quarter by the air pump, then a penny and dime inside the convenience store.  Of course I began repeating: “Nickel, Nickel, Nickel …” in order to have a “Hit for the Cycle”.

Meanwhile Doc was walking around the Car Wash area.  He had at least 18 coins in his hand. 

The sun was setting and most “normal” people were home enjoying 4th of July BBQs and preparing for fireworks.  I wanted to go home, but Doc wanted more steps so we kept Searching together.  A romantic sunset walk - through the Car Wash!

Detour here for a Side Story:  Yesterday for our 31st Anniversary we enjoyed an extravagant classy lunch.  Home Town Buffet all-you-can-eat Senior Special with Free Beverage for $7 each!  Then we went shopping together.  At the first store Doc said, “You can choose any 3 items in the whole store!”  (We were at the 99¢ Only store).

We spent a few hours at the next store where Doc picked up a few items.  It was an Apple Store and the items there are definitely more than $1 each.  My computer is seven years old and its operating system will no longer support newer software - including my webmail.  Thus, I had been planning a new computer this year, but still unsure about a desktop or a laptop.

Doc was intrigued by the capabilities of the new devices.  I dreaded the thought of trying to learn how to operate a new computer and didn’t want to think about it.  The knowledgeable, cute young Apple sales tech (Jenny) showed Doc how the iPad could navigate and ‘talk’ directions.  Doc said, “OK, we’ll take it”.

Additionally we found 5 pennies while at those stores.

I was laughing at how Doc was having me “Walk the Streets” today in order to earn money for that shopping spree we had yesterday.

I was ready to go home, but Doc was not yet satisfied.  He spotted three pennies deeply imbedded in cracks of the concrete driveway.  I took out my pocket knife to retrieve those.  So now I was using “special tools” to earn my money.  (Good for another laugh).

I was saying, “Angels, please find that Nickel so maybe Doc will let me go home”.  A few minutes later I found a nickel in a dirt planter!  Yipee!  I excitedly showed Doc and he said, “Find Another One”.  I replied with: “*##*#*”    The rated G version was, “Look.  We only found two nickels in the entire month of June and you expect me to find two within a few minutes today?”

Doc had to use the restroom, so I used the time to count the coins.  There were 48 coins!  Definitely a coin mine!  Plus the one from this morning made a total of 49.  I told Doc “We just need ONE more to make 50.  That would be a good number on this 4th of July to represent the 50 States.”  So we kept walking and searching.  I told Doc to find ONE coin, no extras please.

We took a quick 5 minute walk through the parking lot across the street.  I said, “C’mon Angels.  Just ONE more coin please to make that 50?  Within moments I had a dime!  Yay. The 50th coin.  But then another coin -- a NICKEL!  WOW!  That second Nickel!   Incredible.  OK.  That one can represent Washington D.C.   Then as I was walking back to the van, there was a dime. That makes three coins for 25¢ in that lot.  (25 is my favorite number).

I could almost hear the Penny Angels laughing.  We were probably their “dinner show” this evening.

Coin Count:   52 Coins            45 (P), 2 (N), 4 (D), 1 (Q) = $1.20

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