In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Triple Play

Wow.  It has been nearly two months since I have written a Penny Tale.  Finding the daily Pennies (or other coins) is so easy; it is the writing which is difficult for me.

There were coin finds EVERY DAY in both July and August.  That’s at least 62 consecutive days.  I maintain a spreadsheet detailing the data of how many found each day and where.  (For any of you data nerds who want validation).  For the normal people here is a summary:

July Count:   397 Coins            329 (P), 18 (N),  37 (D), 7 (Q) + 6 Other = $9.64 + ?

August Count:   321 Coins            248 (P), 9 (N),  42 (D),  17 (Q) + 5 Other = $11.38 + ?

And of course there were numerous mind-boggling stories, escapades and encounters along the way along with some silly coins (like the taco quarter).


Today’s Penny Tale is an example of Walks and Talks with the Penny Angels …

Each Sunday morning Doc stops at Starbucks on his way to the Weight Watchers meeting.  He buys coffee, I walk the parking lot.  This morning I was saying Good Morning to the Penny Angels and telling them that I did not really want to walk because the asphalt was unbearably hot.  Within moments I found a dime and two pennies.  Thanks Angels for making that so quick.  (Coins #1-3).  I was satisfied for the day.

Later in the afternoon, Doc wanted to go for a walk in order to achieve his daily 10,000 Step Goal.  It was at sunset, so we decided to make it a scenic walk as well and wandered through the campus of the local community college.  I spotted two nickels under a soda vending machine.  (Coins #4&5) Wow!  Nickels.  That meant we just needed a quarter to score a Hit for the Cycle.  Doc looked in the coin return of another machine and immediately had a quarter!  Nice.  (Coin #6)

We walked around the campus a little longer and found four pennies.  (Coins #7-10). We were headed back to the van when Doc pointed out another soda vending machine and told me to go get a quarter. (Note: that was more of a directive versus a request).  I scampered off to go investigate.  When I returned to Doc he asked, “Did you find a quarter under that machine?  I answered, “No. Nothing UNDER the machine”.  “But I DID find a quarter in the coin return slot!”  (Coin #11).

By then I had caught Penny Fever.  We just needed another dime and we would have a Double Hit for the Cycle (H.F.C.)!  Although we were in a hurry to get our grocery shopping completed and get home, it was sunset and I KNEW there would be coins just glistening in the diminishing light for me at the closed car wash.  That must be how gamblers feel … just one more roll of the dice …

As we drove to the car wash, I was saying, “Dime, dime, dime …”  Doc parked the car. I hopped out and shut my door.  There was the dime gleaming in the sun!  With a penny next to it.  (After all, these are PENNY Angels fulfilling my DIME request.)  (Coins #12&13).  Wow.  What a great example of verbalizing and manifesting.

Since we had already parked at the car wash, I had to at least walk around a little bit.  We found a dime and five more pennies.  (Coins #14-19)

We finally made it to the first grocery store.  As I walked in, there was a penny.  Then in the coin return of a closed check out lane there were several coins.  I scooped them up and didn’t open my hand until reaching the produce section.  There were 4P, 1N, and THREE Dimes!  I had asked the Angels for Dimes tonight.  Wow.  One more penny as we paid for our groceries.  (Coins #20-29).

On the drive to the second grocery store I noted to Doc, “Three Nickels in a day is very rare.  Do you realize one more quarter would make a Triple Hit for the Cycle?  Where can we for sure find another quarter?”   His reply, “The only place I can guarantee you will find a quarter right now is in my pocket!”  We laughed.  I again reminded him that if EVER he planted a coin for me or lied to me about a coin find, it would be grounds for divorce.  He could mess around with another woman, but he’d better NEVER mess around with the integrity of my Penny Finding!   ;-)

When Doc parked the van, I hopped out repeating, “Quarter, quarter, quarter …”  Doc went into the grocery store and I walked around the parking lot.  Finally I headed to the grocery store (and air conditioning).  I was still talking to the Angels:  “I don’t know.  Maybe I’m being greedy asking for more, more, more.  Maybe I should minimize my desires/requests.  Should I give up?”  As I approached the doors to the store:  “Penny Angels, we are at the bottom of the 9th inning with bases loaded. One Quarter will make this a TRIPLE H.F.C. Day.  It will also make a compeling story for the readers and lesson about Asking and Manifesting.  It is YOUR decision.  I know you are capable of this.”  I walked past a row of newspaper dispensing machines.  In the coin return of very last one was the quarter!!!!  I stood there in awe. 
Guess the Angels wanted their story told today.

Coin Count:   31 Coins            19 (P), 3 (N),  6 (D), 3 (Q) = $1.69


Chaz DeSimone said...

That's a mystery* suspense* thriller* all in one!

*triple hit

JR said...

I got my own THFTC in August (all thereof). Total: 22 Coins P (5), N (3), D (5), Q (9) =$2.95