In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Tour Group #1

Two Days of CELEBRATING with a multitude of diverse and wonderful guests.  People I would have never imagined came to add their JOY to the Penny Palace.  At times I was totally speechless. Now I’m wondering if I dreamed it or if it was real?  Good thing the visitors signed the guest list so there is evidence that they were actually here!

There were some touching notes and comments both during the event and afterward. Here are a few email excerpts: 
  • “As soon as I walked through your front doors I felt pure LOVE and HAPPINESS!” 
  • “Disneyland, which is my favorite place in the world, took a backseat on Saturday.” 
  • “It was so comfortable that I just wanted to go home and get my jammies and slippers on and come right back”. 
  • “It is Absolutely Beautiful! Extremely Fun!”
  • “To experience the building of a dream through an incredibly thorough daily blog, and then to see the final result in all its glory – that was quite an experience”.
  • “I did not expect to be amazed, charmed, blown away by all the meaning behind everything, the thoughtfulness of every detail, and the whimsy of an elf door and a dog doorbell (both functional, no less)”.
  • “The house is so very inviting.  You just want to sit and take it all in”.
  • “What a lovely home you have and amazing stories to share.  We didn't want to leave”.
  • “I left your enchanting home fulfilled”

Those are pretty awesome reviews!

There is no way to convey in words the “Magic” of the Penny Palace and the Spirit of the Celebrations.
            Saturday, the 6th was the Annual Fall Potluck with Doc’s co-workers from school.
            Wednesday, the 10th was a potluck with 20 neighbor families.
            Sunday, the 14th was a potluck/reunion with the Solar Rayce Team alumni
            … and in between there was the Open House!
Numerous times during those events I just stood back quietly and thought, “This is the purpose of the Penny Palace; to bring people together; to infect people with Joy!”

The day after the event I had the thought, “Some of these people ‘came out of the woodwork’ as they might possibly have done for my funeral!  Sure glad I did not have to die in order to see them.  Lots more JOY with this event.”

People who could not attend have asked for photos.  I was way too busy hugging, leading tours, and crying joy tears to be taking pictures!  Thankfully Saturday morning, I took a quick (2.5 minute) video walk through of the house for you before guests arrived.  Hope that at least gives you a feel for the house.
Thank You for the Roll you have played in our Lives.

Tina (and Doc) Shelton

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Lead Like a Girl said...

Great videos!!! So glad you did that so those of us who couldn't be there could see it too! What a beautiful space...mostly for the intention of bringing joy to the world. So, so, SO awesome!!!!