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Monday, October 8, 2012

Day #1,389 - Active Angels

When I am busy working on projects or talking to people, I forget to take photos.  Sorry about that.

This morning I tried to catch up on some bill paying, emails, and other projects.  Doc had to go to school this afternoon for a Department Meeting and I needed to check on the Pomona house, so at 2 p.m. we headed out together.  Just before getting to the freeway Doc quipped, “Any coins out your window?”  Sure enough!  There was a run-over nickel.  (Coin #1)

When we arrived at school I was just going to drop off some of the “left behind” items from the party. But then I met one person I knew, and then another, then another… It was surprising how many of them said they might come to the Penny Palace Open House this weekend!  I left a copy of the event printed Program in each of the Engineering Departments for persons who might not be able to attend.

I was busy chatting with one faculty member and as we walked past the vending machines, of course I looked around for pennies.  He smiled and teased me, “Are you STILL doing that?  Do you have your penny yet today?”  “Yes, I am doing that.  No penny yet today.”  A moment later I kicked something and it rolled.  I though it was trash.  I glanced down to see a shiny penny rolling right up to the closed door of the room I was headed for!  (Coin #2) My colleague was astonished.  Me too!

I had dropped Doc off at 2:45 and was planning to retrieve him at 5:10.  I didn’t leave campus unitl 4:30 to run my errands!  There were so many people to “quickly visit”.  I finally made it to the bank and the Pomona house to fill the ponds.  Made a very short stop at the jeweler where Koko polished my Penny Pendant.  Each time he does, it tarnishes again within a few days.

Fortunately Doc had plenty of work to do on campus, so he was not too upset with me for being an hour late.

Since we were too tired to do our weekly grocer shopping Sunday night, we did it tonight.  At the first grocery store I spotted a penny in a check-out lane as I walked in, but there were too many people in between me and it.  I checked on it a little while later.  It was still there, but I still could not get to it.   I did find another penny - a mushroom one.  (Coin #3).  Of course Doc and I checked-out using that lane and finally did claim that penny.  (Coin #4).  I paid using a credit card, so it was not MY change sitting there in the chute.  Someone else did not bother to take their change - so I helped them.  I grabbed it and did not open my hand until we were out of the store.  There was a quarter, a dime, a nickel, and two pennies!  A Hit for the Cycle in my hand!  (Coins #5-9).  While I was checking out, Doc found a penny at the coin counting machine.  (Coin #10)

There was one penny at the next grocery store. (Coin #11)

By the time we arrived home it was 9 p.m.  We fed the dogs and had a quick dinner of potluck leftovers.  Doc was very tired but he still helped by sorting through the rolls of pennies I had obtained at the bank earlier today.  I need to assemble more penny cards for the next Potluck and needed more shiny pennies.

Total:  11 Coins        P (7), N (2), D (1), Q (1) = $0.52

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JR said...

Two nickels, two dimes and two pennies all at once. This is looking good for two weeks in a row. Ask the secret machine for quarter: Nothing.