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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day #1,388 - Wired Differently

No alarm clock this morning!  My body was quite sore and complaining, so it was good to spend a little extra time in bed.  Doc wanted to go out to breakfast.  I told him to open the fridge and look at all that leftover food!  How could he want to go out?  So we nibbled and then went out for coffee.  Doc is still congested, so we made a stop at the pharmacy store for cold medicine.  Doc found one penny there.

Two of the places we stopped this morning had blood pressure testing machines.  My reading on the first machine was so low I did not believe it!  I figured the device was faulty and took a reading at the second store.  It was similar!  Doc said “You are just wired differently”.  “For the past few weeks you have been running in the fast lane each day on only 4-5 hours sleep each night and your BP is the best it has been in the past year or two!”

Doc and I had our coffee and calendar review session.  We agreed to forego our typical Sunday night grocery shopping in consideration of the bags of leftovers in the fridge.  We did spend a few minutes walking around the nearby gas station.  I said, “Look Angels, I need to get home and work on the next event.  Would you please cooperate here?”  Instantly there was a penny nearby.  I picked it up and Doc pointed to another one near me.  I had not noticed that one.  I walked over to the air pump corner.  Carefully looked in that area. No coins.  I turned around to walk back to the van and there was a gleaming penny where I had just walked!

Shortly after we returned home, Plumber Brian arrived!  That was a surprise.  He was there to connect the filter to the ice maker.  That should be the last of his services.

This afternoon I designed and printed some Reminder Flyers for the Neighborhood Potluck.  Met Neighbor Donna at 4:30 to deliver the +/- 70 flyers. Good exercise walking the streets.

This evening was more clean-up and preparations for the next function.

Total:  4 Pennies

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