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Friday, October 5, 2012

Day #1,386 - Potluck Preps

With Doc’s co-workers arriving tomorrow, he was more motivated to get things done today!  One of the first things was to hang “Doc’s Alley” sign over the coffee bar.  Then he hung the “Elf Quarters” sign upstairs

Upstairs Shades Hung

At 9:50 a.m. Curtain Hanger Kevin arrived - a few minutes early.  He worked at full speed for the next 4 hours.  Drapery Brian arrived after 10 a.m. He supervised Kevin and drank coffee with Doc.

More Cleaning!
The next 4 hours were a blur of activity as we moved from room to room hanging all the window coverings in this first batch.  (Some were not ready yet).  What a difference a little bit of fabric makes!  The window coverings really cut down on the blazing sun.  The flooring is already showing sun damage.  The window coverings also softened the look of the rooms and improved the room acoustics.

Moments after Kevin and Brian left, Cleaning Maribel arrived.  For the next 5 hours we cleaned and moved and prepared.  We set up tables and chairs, moved boxes and files, and cleaned!

I was expecting the 17 upholstered chairs at 5:30 p.m.  When Jose called this morning he said he would deliver them at the end of the day.  At 4 p.m. he called to say the chairs would not be ready today.  He would work on them tonight and deliver them in the morning.  That is really pushing it.

By the time Maribel left after 7 p.m. Doc and I were both hungry.  Doc refused to do any more work until he had been fed.  We hopped in the van and headed for dinner.  Stopped just before getting on the freeway.  Found a dime as I walked through the vacant Jacks drive-up window.  (Coin #1).  Then I found a penny at the car wash;  Doc found two pennies there.  (Coins #2-4)
I could not resist peeking in the 7-11 store.  Five pennies there.  (Coins #5-9).

We had a counter meal at a little Mediterranean café.  Doc found one penny there (Coin #10).

When we got home, Doc was motivated to clean his office!  Then he set up the coffee station for tomorrow’s Mechanical Engineering Annual Department Gathering.

Total:  10 Coins        P (9), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.19

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JR said...

A dime would hit for the cycle in one week. And there are two in the breezeway! Five days in a row! Yesterday’s penny was really a Korean ten-won.