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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day #1,110 - Sleeping In?

This morning on the way to the jobsite, we made a quick stop. Doc went into the Subway store to purchase breakfast and his coffee while I looked for coins and snacks at Trader Joe’s. No coins found. I looked in the planter beds while walking over to the grocery store. No coins outside. No coins in the store either.

I was walking back to my pickup truck in the drive area of the parking lot thinking there would be no coins there. I said out loud, “Look Penny Angels, what’s up this morning? Why no coins? Are you sleeping in? Are you hung over from the New Year’s celebrations? Or maybe you are tired because you were keeping lots of drunk people from hurting themselves over the weekend? Wake up!” Instantly there was a shiny penny in my path. I was laughing. So I said, “So you ARE awake? Good Morning to you!” And instantly there was a second penny!


At the jobsite, there was a full crew working on the backyard landscaping. Two guys were working on the interior electrical fixtures. The plumbing fixtures have arrived at the shop and need to be picked up. Some of the kitchen appliances should ship tomorrow from back east.

On the way home from the jobsite I stopped at Home Depot for supplies. One penny there.

Then I stopped at the lighting store to order more fixtures. One penny there.


This afternoon Doc went to Cal Poly Pomona to teach a class for a colleague who is still out on holiday. Doc collected 2 pennies and 2 burgers at McDonalds on his way home.


This evening the physical therapist said I was recovering quite nicely from that impact with the concrete last week. Only a few minor adjustments needed and the bruising is pretty well gone.

Doc’s 2¢ worth: “With such a hard head, and so much padding elsewhere, there shouldn’t be too much damage!”

Total: 6 Pennies

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