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Monday, January 23, 2012

Day #1,130 - Night Moves

This morning we met with the contractor at Rental Property #2. When we were initially considering purchase of the property, we did a preliminary estimate of repairs that were needed. Today we fleshed out and increased that list of fix ups.

Before meeting with the contractor, Doc stopped for a coffee and a dime. (Coin #1) After meeting with the contractor, we stopped for another coffee and three pennies. (Coins #2-4). Then we went next door to the Walgreens Pharmacy for diaper pins. They did not have any! Don’t people use diaper pins anymore? We did find a penny there. (Coin #5)

Since I could not find appropriate hardware at Home Depot, I thought diaper pins might work for the needed light fix. Since I did not find those pins, I went to a fabric store and obtained some large safety pins. We shall see how those work.

We went to the Penny Palace at Noon. I had planned to work there today, but it was very cold and raining. I went home instead. Doc had planned to spend the afternoon at Cal Poly Pomona. However, too much coffee and fast food seemed to disagree with him. He claimed that his recliner and the TV were the needed medications.

This evening around 7:30 Doc decided it was time to make his move. He would FINALLY go outside and cut the pieces for the shell block molds as promised. Of course he wanted me to be out there working with him. Although I was glad to finally get his help, being outside in the dark and cold (46 F) did not excite me. Why couldn’t he cut the pieces in the afternoon when we had sunlight?

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.14

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