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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day #1,136 - Helping Hands

I think the Penny Palace is becoming a tourist attraction. Today some out-of-state friends were visiting and wanted to see the house. Their last visit was in July, so many changes since then.

We met the VandeGriffs for breakfast. I had hoped we would find a coin while we were with them and we did - on the floor by the cash register. (Coin #1) They were going to pay for the meal, but Doc said, “Let Tina pay since I think she is planning to put you to work this morning …”

After a 45-min tour, it was time to get to work! We have shared numerous memorable activities with the VandeGriffs in the past. (such as hiking the Grand Canyon together). Today was another fun activity. They helped hang the wallpaper border in Doc’s office. With a ‘transportation’ theme, the paper was representative of the many years we spent together working with the solar car student teams. It was great to have extra Helping Hands because the 15 ft. long border kept slipping down the wall. When they left, Doc and I were inspired enough to finish hanging the remaining small pieces before heading home at noon.

This afternoon we tackled many projects around the house (laundry, cleaning, yard work, bills, rental property issues, travel agendas, etc.) Doc even cleaned out the van and took it for a wash. Three pennies found at the car wash. (Coins #2-4).

We had a 5:30-6:00 meeting regarding an upcoming trip. Then we were off to the bank and to Michael’s crafts for more glue before the store closed at 7 p.m.

We did our standard 3-store grocery tour. One penny at store #1; four pennies at store #3. (Coins #5-9). We rushed home so we could assemble another two seashell blocks this evening. We are now over half way done with those.


Spending time with long-term friends is always enjoyable. Sharing conversation over a meal is pleasant, but I like to do things together which provide more memorable and lasting experiences.

Total: 9 Pennies

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