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Monday, January 30, 2012

Day #1,137 - Mrs. Noah

Doc does not understand WHY I need to build this “ARK”. He is terribly uncomfortable with the magnitude of it. I don’t have answers, I just know I need to do it and each component needs to feel ‘right’ and settled. I wonder how Noah did it.


There was a full crew in the yard today preparing for the next concrete pours. It was good to be on site to adjust the placement of the various areas because concrete would be really difficult for Doc and I to move later.

The back yard water lines were reconnected, the three sets of stairs to Doc’s garden were formed, and other prep activities.

The patio was saw cut with a diagonal layout 4 ft. on center. Looks nice.

HVAC Brian stopped in to say hello, Neighbor Craig came over, and Landscape Rod was on site to check on the progress.

I worked with Project Manager Daryl to compile the list of touchups for the Painter. Then I applied a wildflower border decal in the garden bathroom.


I relish the quiet time in the afternoon when everyone leaves and the house is quiet. The kitchen faces West and the setting sun creates a nice glow.


On the way home from work, I stopped at a 7-11 store to look for a coin. I hopped out of the truck and did a SingSong. “Penny Angels I have no time to play, no time today, so please just make it happen”. Between the truck and the door of the store, I found a quarter! I said, "but a penny would be nice for PENNY Tales". I did not even have to take a single step. A tiny edge of a dirt-coated penny peaked out from under a concrete parking barrier. (Coins #1&2)

The next stop was the tile store to pick up the kitchen counter edge tile. I also used the opportunity to go dumpster diving again for pieces to place in the tile stream. Cut my hands, but found a whole case of new tile among all the broken pieces. Hopefully it will be a good color to coordinate with the others.

I came home, ordered wall caps for the patio wall, paid some subcontractor invoices and other related stuff.


This morning I asked Doc to pick up my order of kitchen faucets and return some pieces on his way to the jobsite. Of course he made a slight detour for coffee and a nickel at Starbucks. (Doc Coin #1). Once at the jobsite, I wanted his assistance in determining what to do in the two entryways, the planters, the walkways, the gates, etc. More decisions than he wanted to deal with. He was grumpy and irritating me as I was trying to concentrate on that bathroom decal, so I asked him to bug off. He went home.

This evening Doc went out shopping. When the going gets tough … the tough go shopping! He collected a penny at the 99¢ store. Next he went to the grocery store. He found a quarter in an empty aisle. He said to the Angels, “Just need a dime.” At check-out he found a dime! Then one more penny at the coffee vending machine as he was leaving the store. (Doc Coins #2-5). That gave him a Hit for the Cycle all on his own. We have not found one of those in a long time. Maybe the Angels were trying to tell him something. “All is well. Trust.”

When Doc got home this evening, I had made a sign for him: THANK YOU for being Mrs. Noah”. That made him laugh. Hopefully he will be back on board tomorrow.

Total: 7 Coins P (3), N (1), D (1), Q (2) = $0.68

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