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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day #1,112 - Motivation

When you have a ‘yucky’ task to complete, what do you use as motivation? I hate painting, so I have been procrastinating on the painting of the bathroom wall. Today I made a vow that I would not use the Porta Potty until that wall had been painted. Every time one of the subs asked me to do something, or I was tempted to detour to other action items, I remembered that things would get very uncomfortable if I did not get that wall painted! So by noon that wall was finished. Plus, while I was painting, the Waste Cleaning truck arrived and performed its weekly service, so the facilities were freshly cleaned. An added bonus.

Yesterday I spoke with the flooring installer to see when he might be able to start on the cork and laminate floors. His crew began this morning! I met him at the jobsite at 8 a.m.

The landscaping crew continued their efforts.

Doc took care of many errands this morning. He made stops at the bank, medical clinic, plumbing shop, lighting shop, storage unit, Home Depot and more. Plus he checked in at the rental house. The concrete team began working today. They demolished the existing driveway and patio, cleared the back yard, tore down the fence, and constructed the formwork for the new concrete pour. Wow!

Around noon, our student Chenski was taking his father for some medical appointments, and stopped by the Penny Palace. That was fun.

By 4:30 this afternoon I had my fill of the Penny Palace. I could take no more. So from 5-9 p.m. I went shopping for the cooktop. We need that as we move forward with the tile countertops.

Doc remained at the Penny Palace when I left. Son Stephen arrived with Grandson, Ethan. They helped Doc install the handrail which came with the spiral staircase kit. It goes from the center pole across the landing. Next will be the install of the remaining spindles.

There was an outdoor sports shop next to one of the Appliance stores I visited, so I wandered over there to look for new boots. (One of my current boots cracked even more today). Shopping for shoes is a horrible chore. After trying several pairs, I was ready to give up. I tried on one last pair. And they were comfy! When I looked at the price, it was an exact multiple of $25 - another good sign. I bought the shoes and walked out of the store. It was dark outside, but there was a shiny penny in my path! (Coin #1) Back to that old joke that “you can’t find pennies in the dark!” I had forgotten about Penny Finding today. Thanks Angels.

The next stop was Home Depot. No cooktops of interest there, but one penny. (Coin #2)

No desirable cooktops at the next store either. So at 9 p.m. I went home to eat lunch.


This morning Doc collected four pennies while running his errands. One at the bank, one at McDonalds and then two at 7-11. He said one of them was in the planter when he arrived at the store. After buying his coffee and starting the car, he spotted a penny on the sidewalk. So he stopped the engine and went back for the penny. (Doc Coins #1-4)

Total: 6 Pennies

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Greg Kebbekus said...

That loft might just be mu favorite part of the house, once the books are up there anyway.