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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day #1,138 - JOY Moments

Doc was definitely back on board today. He was at the jobsite by 7:00 a.m. while I went off for a mammogram. Definitely NOT a JOY moment, but completing it was. After my appointment, I stopped to see the progress on Rental Property #2. All the demolition is completed and the contractor has begun the wiring modifications, wall framing, and even some cabinetry.

At the Penny Palace there was plenty of commotion. The stone mason completed the patio cantilevered stone. JOY Moment. The upper waterfall was tested and the splashing sound was wonderful. JOY Moment.

The concrete crew poured the remaining patch of backyard pathway. JOY Moment.

The gutter team installed all the downspouts. JOY Moment. Hopefully the water from the next rainstorm will go nicely into the runoff system and dry ponds.

The countertop guys installed six counters and five sinks. They look fabulous! JOY Moment. Plus Francisco was able to use the leftover 3” scraps for an area we thought we needed to tile.

The countertop guy was cutting in the laundry room and the dust set off the smoke alarm system. Very loud and very annoying - until I changed my attitude to say Thank You for this opportunity to test the system under ‘friendly conditions’ and know that it works so well. A JOY Moment to realize another system is now functional.

In the dining room I was planning to edge the countertop with wood. It would work, but I just did not have the “it’s Right” feeling yet. I was going to settle for an A- on it. Then Francisco presented an idea which “clicked”. JOY Moment.

At sunset, Concrete Rick and I were standing on the patio admiring the back yard. One by one the dawn/dusk lights came on around us. It was a neat experience. JOY Moment.

After dark when almost everyone else had gone home, I was standing on the patio enjoying the total silence. Then the automatic sprinklers came on! JOY Moment. I had never seen (or heard) them run before. I cautiously headed onto the pathway to explore. I said hello to each sprinkler head. They were all operating perfectly and spraying into the planter areas. I walked around the entire pathway without getting wet! Definitely a JOY Moment.


At 6:30 I finally locked the gates. Before getting on the freeway, I stopped at the 7-11 store. I hopped out of the truck with a SingSong, “Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play, come out to play …. by the LIGHT of the silvery moon.” There was a woman between me and the front door of the store. She was chatting on a cell phone, so I maneuvered wide to give her space. That caused me to walk around a wide column and right onto two pennies on the pathway - by the LIGHT! JOY Moment. I scooped them up and noticed they were warm. How strange on the cold sidewalk. From the warm hands of Angels? There were no other people near that spot. I immediately said, “Thank You so Much for Your 2¢ Worth Tonight”. At which point I spotted a dime! JOY Moment. Then one more penny. (Coins #1-4)

Lesson: It PAYS to say Thank You.

I was not really interested in any more coins, but the ‘nudging’ said to go ahead inside the store. I immediately spotted a penny near the counter. I purchase a piece of beef jerky and was able to collect that penny - along with a dime near it. (Coins #5&6).

As I was walking away, I spotted another penny, so I dove for it and the other penny nearby. (Coins #7&8) While I was reaching under the counter I spotted the edge of a silver coin. That one would take the full length of my arm with my nose nearly touching the floor. I did not want to look like a total weirdo and be nearly face-down on the floor for one silly coin. Easier to just ignore it and leave. No one would know that I left it there. But I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and stretched out on faith. I got to the truck and opened my hand to look at the coin - it was a Susan B. Anthony DOLLAR coin! JOY Moment. (Coin #9)

Lesson: Bigger rewards generally take more stretching than we are comfortable with.

Lesson: Other people may see us as strange when we are reaching for things they do not see or understand.

Lesson: Sometimes we need to close eyes and ears to the things around us and just leap out on faith.

When I arrived home around 7:30 p.m. I just wanted dinner and to take care of a few dozen Action Items from today. But Doc said he was willing to assemble the final three seashell blocks. So we did that until 9:30. JOY Moment when those were completed.

Total: 10 Coins P (7), N (0), D (2), Q (0) + $1 = $1.27

Doc found his penny for the day when he went to Carl’s for lunch. (Coin #10)

Note from Wikipedia: Although it is round, the Susan B. Anthony dollar is intended to convey an 11-sided appearance, from the 11-sided rim bordering the edge of both sides. The reverse commemorates the Apollo 11 moon landing with an image of the mission insignia. The 11 sided shape matches the Apollo 11 Goodwill Messages that enclosed a silicon wafer left on the moon.

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JR said...

Your downspout completion has doomed us to five years with no rain. Quick, everyone - go wash your cars.

"I did not want to look like a total weirdo" - no comment ... necessary.

Seven quarters for January and ten dimes ... gotta love those $1.65-caffinated-sugared-carmel colored-empty-calorie-drink vending machines.