In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day #198 - Got Milk?

Hi Penny Pals-

There are just two days left on this 25 Days of Promise. How are you doing with YOUR Promises? It’s not easy to do anything for 25 consecutive days, no breaks, no “I don’t feel like it today” excuses accepted.

There were some fun conversations with the Penny Angels again today.


When this Penny Finding began, I was finding 1-5 coins per day. Now we are averaging 10-12 coins per day. Is this “Manifesting Skill” something which can be learned and strengthened?


I told Doc, “No work on the cabin today”. I wanted to actually assemble a few of the scrapbooking pages which I had laid out last night. He insisted we begin the day with a Starbucks run. He again dropped me at the edge of town and told me to walk and hunt. I wanted to get the job done quickly, so I headed straight for the Rite Aid pharmacy. As I approached it, Doc called to say he had already found a dime and he wasn’t even inside Starbucks yet. (Coin #1). I went in the pharmacy store anyhow and found MY penny for today. (Coin #2).


I planned to head back to the cabin and scrap for a few hours before we headed home. Instead, Doc headed to Lake Arrowhead Village saying. “There are bound to be coins here after yesterday’s concert and crowds. Let’s head for a ‘Target Rich Environment’”. I told him I did not want to do more Penny Hunting! I wanted to go to the cacin and do something else! It is Sunday! Can’t I stop with TWO coins for today and have less to write about? PLEASE. This man is really addicted.

We went to the Village and began Hunting. L I had a feeling about the chained off patio area of the Mexican restaurant. Found a penny next to the walk up counter bar. (Coin #3). “Now may we leave?”

Doc headed in the opposite direction - toward the concert area. The area had fencing around most of the perimeter and some plastic chain across the openings. The chain was only knee high so what the heck! I stepped over and began wandering through the tables. I had pretty much looked over the entire area when a nice young man who was cleaning up litter stopped and asked if I had lost something. Could he help me? I told him’ “Yes! I’m looking for pennies. Lamont replied, “I just blew off and cleaned this whole area, you are not likely to find any coins in here”. I told him not to underestimate the Penny Angels. As we were speaking, a shiny penny appeared a few feet away from us, yet somewhat between us. I told Lamont, “Do you see what I see?” Mushroom Penny! (Coin #4). That was a neat experience.

While I was conversing with Lamont, Doc was Penny Finding. Doc found one penny by the toy store, then another penny where the water runs off and debris collects. (Coins #5&6). He ducked into the porch area of a vacant business - and found a penny, then a quarter, then a penny on that porch. (Coins #7-9) When I finished with Lamont, Doc took me to show where he found the quarter. As we were speaking I said, “So why didn’t you take this penny too?” (Coin #10).

We finally headed back to the van. I spotted a possible coin approximately 30 ft inside the Rock ‘N Roll Sushi bar which was closed for business, but there were construction workers at the back of the store. I slipped in the store to retrieve the penny and was fully prepared to explain my actions. The workers didn’t even look up. So I grabbed the penny - plus a dime next to it! (Coins #11&12).

I skipped happily over to Doc to show him the additional coin. We looked down to find another dime which we had both previously missed! (Coin #13).

Doc said: “I’m still hoping for a Nickel to “Hit for the Cycle today.”

I silently said a prayer for the Angels to deliver one.

On the way to the van, I passed a waterfall in the parking lot. I told Doc how attractive it was so he went back to take a look at it - and found a penny next to it! (Coin #14).

Finally we headed back to the cabin and I had only two hours to scrap.


Our son called and asked if we might stop by to visit the grandson on our way down the mountain. That was not on my schedule. I had at least 20 things to do tonight and a 1-2 hour detour was not going to help matters. Stevie said that in order to save time, he would go to Starbucks and get Doc’s coffee so it would be at his house when we arrived. “Did I want anything?” I replied, “Sure! Please find a penny”. Stevie told me later that his thoughts were something like, “I’m not really going to search. A penny would have to be put literally in my path in order for me to do that.” When we arrived at the house, Doc had his coffee, I had a penny. (The Angels just love to create mischief). J

Don’t know if that penny counts or not. I did not pick it up, but I did order for it! J


This evening Doc and I had errands to run. I dread grocery shopping, so we primarily went Penny Hunting with grocery shopping as an aside. J As we left the house, Doc playfully said, “If you find a nickel, I will keep the TV off until 11 p.m. and I will do tasks as you wish until then”. What an offer!

At the first store there were several open check out lanes. Which to choose? I headed to one on the right, Doc headed left. There were a penny several feet from the register. Similar to an airport runway light saying “Come this way”. (Coin #15). We told the cashier about PennyFinders and he told us his penny story. Doc reminded me that we were looking for nickels - not pennies.

At the next shopping center Doc dropped me at the perimeter and told me to “go walking” before meeting up with him. I walked - and talked out loud to the Angels. “I understand Nickels are harder to find than pennies and dimes. Doc found a quarter this morning and I found several quarters recently, so surely you can produce a nickel this evening?”

I met Doc at the entrance to the store. He suggested walking a little further beyond the store and he would walk with me! Wow! I told him he could walk “in slow mode” and I was going to “put it in gear and walk to that Snack kiosk at the far side of the lot”. I began walking, but almost instantly came to a screeching halt. There was a penny - with a Nickel next to it! (Coins #16&17). I summoned for Doc to bend over and pick up my Nickel. How I wanted a camera at that moment! Doc was now at my mercy for the next 2.5 hours J Thank you Angels!

I proceeded to walk to that tiny Munchie Shack. I think it used to be a photo processing place. It is almost the size of a large portable toilet stand. Sure enough, there was a penny! And then a second one. Doc caught up with me there because I had spent time slowly and carefully checking around the Shack. Doc asked why I didn’t pick up that third penny too? (Coins #18-20).

As we walked back to the grocery store, Doc said to look where water runs off and things collect. I teased him about thinking logically. “That works for some of the PennyFinds - but not all of them”. I found a penny (Coin #21) at that point in a runoff area.

Inside the grocery store I found a penny (Coin #22) at one of the registers. I was heading back to the van to get the reusable shopping bags which I had forgotten in my anxiousness to walk the lot. Eight coins in tonight’s shopping trip.


Special Angel Delivery: As I was unpacking the groceries, I had a craving for cereal and milk. My thoughts: “Too bad we don’t have any cold milk in the fridge”. I use Rice Milk and usually have one in the cupboard. It would be at room temperature, but that would be OK. I checked my kitchen cupboard. Buggers, none there. Oh well…it was only a craving.

I kept unpacking the groceries. There was a half Gallon of Cold Rice Milk in the bag! I asked Doc what had possessed him to buy Rice Milk when he doesn’t drink the stuff. A half gallon is more than I use, plus it is not the brand I usually buy. He looked at me as if I were crazy. He did not put it in our basket and I certainly did not! The item was on our receipt, so an Angel must have known of my craving before I did.

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