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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day #222 - More Manifesting

Yesterday we casually mentioned dollar coins. Today I actually formally requested a quarter. This is fun. I need to get my belief level up to maybe a hundred dollars vs. a hundred pennies.

I shared the Penny Finding story with a half dozen people today. Each of them smiled and some of them had stories of their own. Wish I could bottle up the Joy and give you a few drops of it.

It’s exciting to see that the website is getting traffic from out of state as well as Russia and Australia. J


This morning Doc and I had a 10 AM meeting so of course he had to pull off the freeway two exits shy of our destination in order to find a Starbucks. I put in a few hundred steps while waiting in the drive through - and collected a nickel and a penny. (Coins #1&2).

Our meeting resulted in some “homework” and follow up tasks. So I called into work and took a vacation day. This could become quite addictive - this playing together. After all - that is why we got married.


We stopped at McDonalds so Doc could get a snack - and I could claim two dimes. We parked at The Chevron food mart so I could go inside and find a dime at the very back of the store under a display of water. While Doc ate, I walked the gas pump area. A penny by the phones. One of the food mart staff questioned my searchings. I gave him a business card and shared the story. He gave me a smile and a thumbs up. J (Coins #3-6)

Next Doc made another Starbucks run. There were three pennies in the planter and I claimed 3 bright shiny nickels from under the window. (Nickels are the least found coins). (Coins #7-12).

Stater Bros for a bathroom run - one dime at the entrance and then a penny under a cashier. (Coins #13-14).


Doc had a 2 p.m. meeting to evaluate some property in the hills. It was great to be able to go with him. Just fun to explore options and stretch our thinking.

A few days ago Doc said 15 was a “respectable” number of finds in a day. We had one more to go …but I insisted we go home so that I could deal with the “homework” tasks and so many of my other “To Dos”.


Around 6 p.m. Doc got hungry. “Let’s go for a burrito”. I would have been fine with a Peanut butter sandwich. I negotiated, “I’ll go with you for food, if you’ll go with me for photo prints”. Deal or no deal?

We went to CVS for photos. As we parked, I said, “Penny Angels we have pennies, 4 dimes and 4 nickels so far today. That’s a high rate of silver coins. But we really need a Quarter so we can ‘Hit for the Cycle’”.

Doc found a penny in a parking stall then a penny in the first aisle of the store. (Coins #15&16).

I thoroughly searched the check out area several times while I was waiting for my photos to be processed. Nothing. Then while I was standing in line to pay, I spotted a penny at the M&M display to my left. I reached for it and found a second penny! (Coins #17-18). After paying, I handed my receipt to the guy in photos (to my right), collected the envelope and turned back. There was something shiny where I had just retrieved the pennies! No one had come to the line during those moments -- yet there suddenly was a QUARTER there! No way! Mushroom coin.

Note: for those of you who read Penny Tale Day #194 you’ll recall that I met Ejewell who was working at CVS and has embarked upon a penny finding campaign for charities. I was talking to him tonight when I found the pennies and quarter. The joy was multiplied several times by being able to share the experience with a like-minded soul.

Meanwhile Doc was outside working on his 10,000 steps for today. He collected a penny in the lot and one inside the Smart & Final store. (Coins # 20&21).


We finally arrived at the Mexican food place. We placed the order at the window and then headed for the liquor store next door - for coins of course. I found a dime, shared the story with the young cashier and gave him a business card. He reviewed the card and said, “I saw about this on TV!” I replied, “I don’t think so”. Doc said, “He’s just seeing the future!”

Doc found a penny by the entrance door of the diner. We must have both walked right over it. (Coin #23) While Doc waited for the food, I made friends with a dog who was waiting too. His owner was delightful and asked me about the unique penny pendant I was wearing. J “Let me tell you about PennyFinders … I chatted, Doc ate his burrito in the car.


I was hungry and eager to head home. Doc headed for the Circle K to do more walking and searching! I wanted to strangle him! I hopped out to go in the store. Doc began searching the lot and asked me why I had ignored the penny by my door when I got out? (Coin #24)


We were half a mile from home and I was getting grumpy. Doc said, “We now have 24 coins - just ONE shy of your favorite number 25”. I told him we had plenty of coins and it would take forever to write tonight’s Tale. Then I said, “Head to Diner’s Row”. (Penny Fever). At the McDonalds there was just one car at the window! Nice. We already had dinner, so decided not to order more from the drive through. I just walked past the window to collect one shiny penny! Yippee!! 25 coins today as well as a “Hit for the Cycle”.

Doc was misbehaving - he got out of the van and walked to the car wash -- claiming two more pennies. L


Today’s Total: 27 Coins Q (1), D (5), N(4), P (17) = $1.12

Today’s Lesson: Again the effectiveness of Verbalizing the request.

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