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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day #211 - Doc's Birthday

Today is Doc’s birthday. Our sons will be here in an hour, so I’m trying to draft today’s story before they arrive. After dinner, Doc and I are headed to Escondido where he wants to spend the day tomorrow. He wants to go to the Wild Animal park. That will be outdoors in 100+ degree weather. The man is crazy. I was just asking him if he would consider going for a nice massage in an air conditioned spa instead? (**) (Note: I asked him that question before dinner).


We planned to spend most of today cleaning the house and packing. Doc determined we MUST go for coffee and coins in order to function effectively the rest of the day. Two pennies found in the local College parking lot. Doc drove through the lot with me searching. He said: “ Get out and walk! I KNOW there is a penny here! I obeyed and within 10-15 seconds, found two pennies together. J

Doc next transported me to the high school where he said: “Go FETCH! Take a hike for 5,000 steps while I get my coffee”. I found a shiny dime within 6 minutes. Next was a Penny under a picnic table. I was talking to the Angels about the house I still want to build. I was asking what to do with that project. There were two vending machines off in a hallway corner. They seemed to “call” to me. I detoured and searched. Even kicked through the leaves and debris collected in the corner. Nothing. So I turned around and there was a very shiny penny!

That find led me to another little secluded area which I had never seen before. An Oriental “serenity garden”. That is what I have planned for the new house - just outside the Master Bedroom. Interesting for that garden to be at the high school and for me to discover it this morning while I was asking the Angels about the house project.

I headed out to the parking lot. Doc called. He had just found a penny at the freebie magazine rack inside the grocery store. I kept walking while talking to him. After the call I realized I had lost my dime! Must have fallen out of my hand while I was holding the phone. Back track. Found that dime a second time! Doc called just moments later to say he had found a quarter and penny at the check out line!

I walked through In-N-Out just because. The drive was hosed down and clean so I did not expect to find anything L But I still did! … and it was by the Food Prep window - not the pay window!

Doc said: “If the Angels Have it for you, they Have it for you!”

Lesson 1: “Do not base your expectations on past performance (Sounds like an investment fund disclaimer).

Lesson 2: Perceived restrictions are not always accurate.

Nine coins at that point.

A penny at WalMart.

At the McDonalds drive through I looked for coins, did not see any. Doc seemed to be frustrated that I wasn’t Finding, so he hopped out, looked in the planter, retrieved 4 soiled pennies and then proceeded to the window to collect his burger!

At the gas station Doc found a shiny dime just a soon as the behemuth SUV drove out of the way! Then I found one at the vacuum area.


Notes after the birthday dinner:

Driving to dinner we carpooled in two cars. Doc was driving lead car and spotted “a shiny in the median”. He hopped out and showed his sons how spry their old man can be. J And he did it all for a slug!

Lesson: Sometimes you score, sometimes you don’t - but ya gotta keep tryin’.

We returned to the house for Doc to open his birthday cards.

(**) Brian and Celeste gave Doc a Gift certificate for TWO (not just one) MASSAGES! Talk about the Law of Manifestation! Wow.

Lesson: Keep verbalizing your requests. It’s amazing how those seem to manifest.


Today’s total: 16 Coins Q (1), D (3), N(0), P (12) = $0.67

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