In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Day #220 - Always Looking

Around 9 p.m. this evening I came in my office to begin typing today’s Penny Tale. I was falling asleep in the chair, so I spent 20 minutes curled up on the floor for a cat nap. Now it’s time to write.

I don’t even remember how we found the coins this morning, so let’s hear what the cassette player says …We managed to squeeze in 10 minutes of Penny Finding before our breakfast meeting with retired friends. A quick stop at a new 7-11 brought me a penny and Doc one nickel. The Del Taco drive through resulted in two pennies and a dime. (5 coin before breakfast)


On the way to work we stopped at OSH Hardware. Doc spotted a penny at about 25 ft. from the van before he ever got out.

Doc dropped me off at work and went to Starbucks. He found a 1946 nickel which was in good condition.


This afternoon Doc and I agreed to meet and clean out the cab of the truck we used to haul the solar race car. It has been parked and deteriorating for 10? years. It was not pretty. The roll up door is rotted away, it is smelly, there was rat poop, chemicals, filth, etc. inside. There is even a sofa parked on top of it! We cleared out most things in the cab and were about ready to call it quits. I told Doc and Penny Angels that I expected at least one penny in all that *&^%%*&%. Doc then found a penny under 3 washers on the dashboard. I told him to keep looking. We found 3 pennies in the glove box (and all sorts of other stuff).

I had walked around the truck a few times saying “Certainly in all this debris accumulated under the truck, there must be a penny!” Finally as we were about to leave, a penny under the front of the truck! I was holding out the coins to show Doc. As we were standing there, a sixth penny appeared between us. No way! Doc said, “You must have dropped that penny from the five we already had.” We had been working in that spot for 15 minutes with both of us actively searching the area several times. I had investigated the gumblob just 6-8 inches from that penny. We were both totally shocked by this mushroom coin. (Coins #8-13).


On the drive home we had not planned to stop at McDonalds. However, there were no cars in line so …. (Yes, we have Penny Fever). A nickel as I walked through. Still no cars, so I walked it in the other direction - a dime! Then Doc insisted upon crossing the street to the Chevron station where he found a penny.

Today’s Total: 16 Coins Q (0), D (2), N(3), P (11) = $0.46

Lessons: Focusing on gumblobs keeps us from seeing the coins.

Look for the Good in all Situations.

Some times in order to discover hidden coins, you must take action to move away or sift through other things in your way.

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