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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day #219 - Expectations Exceeded

The pedometer we had ordered for Doc arrived. I claim he is a couch potato and probably doesn’t get more than 4,000 steps on an average day. He wanted the pedometer to prove me wrong.

We set out for the local high school track so we could calibrate Doc’s length of stride. (His turned out to be less than mine!) After one lap, he drove off to Starbucks while I Penny Searched the parking lot. The Penny Angels were quiet at first, but then a penny, then a nickel, then a penny.


Doc insisted upon a McDonalds run. He stopped at home to pick up Sparky, because “Sparky needed to get out of the house”. We left the house at 10:11 and were back by 10:17 with two pennies and an Egg McMuffin in hand. (Coins #4&5) That would be a Finding Rate of 20 cph.


We spent the morning doing things around the house and yard. I still have something in my eye from when I was brooming all the cobwebs under the eaves. L My reward for doing all the yucky chores was to go shopping for cabin flooring. J Plus, Mr. Dragonfly came back for a while today. (Expectations Exceeded)


This afternoon we had errands to run. As we left the house Doc said, “We only have 5 coins today. That’s not even respectable this month. We need more!” I told him that 5 was fine and the Penny Angels would need to put coins in my pathway if they wanted me to find more today.

We took dog Dundee for nail clipping. Doc just had to drive past the little Munchies Shack kiosk. One penny there. Then at Sprouts groceries I found a dime right in my pathway just before I entered the store and then another dime as I was shoving bags into the recycle bin. (Coins #6-8 at that stop).


We took Dundee home and headed to Lowe’s. Doc suggested stopping at the 7-11 for coins. We searched there yesterday, so I suggested the AM/PM instead. Doc found a penny by the entrance, then one by the pay telephone. As we both searched the gas pump area, I spotted a penny which Doc nearly stepped on. He did not see it! (Coins #9-11 at that stop).

At Lowe’s Doc saw a blob from a distance. We shopped, then passed by the blob again. This time he had to look. It was a nickel. (Nickels seem to be the scarcest coins to find). Doc said we needed at least 15 coins to be respectable. Plus we needed a Quarter to “Hit for the Cycle”.

Doc was thirsty after all that heated shopping and drove through Del Taco for a soda. I spotted the first two pennies very quickly and then the third one. The fourth penny was totally vertical and in a deep crack. Then Doc asked me about the penny I was standing over. Why did I not retrieve that one? -- Because I had not seen it! (Coins #13-17)

We did some comparison shopping for flooring. Anxious to make progress on that project.

Usually at the stores, I will enter first while Doc pauses to get a shopping cart. This time he barged ahead and went straight to the checkout lines. He was showing me his penny as I came through the doorway!


Doc was hungry and wanted a snack. McDonalds here we come! Only one penny at the first (pay) window and none at the second (food claim) window. Disappointing. I hopped back into the van and we were driving out when Doc said, “Our Quarter! And a Dime as well!” I hopped back out of the van and tried to do a very quick retrieval since the guy in the car behind us did not seem to be appreciating the delay. J “A Hit for the Cycle”.

We were now at 21 coins. Doc said, “Just 4 more would make your favorite number and be a ‘respectable’ count”.

No cars at the Del Taco drive through (a different one from earlier today). So Doc pulled in and parked near the window so I could walk through. Three coins under the window and then a fourth one up on the curb! That makes for the 25! Yipee! Challenge met.

At Staters groceries, Doc found a penny in the parking lot. When we entered he asked about a blob at one of the check out lines. I said it didn’t look like a coin - probably trash. It was a quarter! That makes TWO “Hits for the Cycle” today. (Expectations Exceeded) Then a penny under the coin counting machine. (Coin #28).

Today’s Total: 28 Coins Q (2), D (3), N(2), P (21) = $1.11

P.S. Doc registered over 13,000 steps on his pedometer today. (Expectations Exceeded).

The pedometer is a new toy plus he was out to prove a point. We’ll see if he keeps it up …

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Mandy said...

Way to go on the 13,000 steps Doc!!!
Keep it up!