In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day #221 - Grand Slam: Golden Coin

Yesterday Doc and I were discussing this manifesting stuff. (With our engineering backgrounds we are both still having a bit of difficulty accepting all this). Doc was saying that if this process really works, then we should start asking for silver colored coins versus copper pennies. He then added: “why not shoot for dollar coins?” We discussed how rare dollar coins are. Our conversation was: “People just don’t use them. Stores do not have change trays for them. Vending machines usually take $1 paper versus coins. Just take for example the machines at Cal Poly…”

This morning I worked out at the Fitness Center. My trainer asked how many times I’d been walking aerobically in these past two weeks? Answer - zero. So I agreed to walk for 30 minutes this morning. As began my walk, Doc called to ask me to meet and drive through Starbucks together. I told him I was already walking - he was on his own today. I found 2 pennies within the first minute of walking - Taco Bell window. (2¢ worth) The next penny was at the A&W window. (Coins #1-3).

Most of the time this morning I walked at Lowe’s. Big aisles, no cars, no sunburn, air conditioning, etc. At least 6 employees asked if I needed help in finding something. To two of them I answered “Yes! A penny - and gave them a Penny Finders business card”. I did find Penny #4 by the check out. Then after leaving the store, I found Penny #5 outside by the swingsets - Angel Play Time? (2¢ worth)


As I was driving home there was a nudging - the Del Taco window had no cars present. Tina to Angels: “I do not want to stop. I want to go home!” The nudging said to park the truck and search. Is this really a “nudging” or do I have acute Penny Fever? There was a dime at the Del Taco and a penny next door at Carl’s Jr. (Coins #6&7)


When I arrived home, Doc greeted me with his morning Penny Tale. He was at Starbucks and saw two pennies in the dirt planter. He hopped out and retrieved them figuring you can never be sure of coins under the window, so he’d better collect what he saw. (2¢ worth). When he did arrive at the window he found a quarter! He also locked his door on the van and had to go to the passenger side and ask Sparky to let him in. Then when returning to the driver’s side to get in, he found a quarter on the curb under the window. He was pretty pleased with his high value find this morning. (Coins #8-11)

Doc’s next stop was at the grocery store. He spotted two coins under a customer. Doc is advancing! He boldly stated, “Hope your don’t mind if I take these lucky pennies?” (2¢ worth). (Coins #12&13)


At Cal Poly as I was entering the building, there was the thought, “You know JR will ask you if you have searched the vending machines, so just do it.” I did. There was a penny. (Coin #14)

Later this afternoon I had a walk scheduled with two co-workers. I was waiting for them by those same vending machines. I searched under the machines from one direction, then another. Co-workers had still not arrived. Searched another time. OK. Nothing there. Discussion “Hi Penny Angels, will you show me a coin while we are out walking?"

I spotted something under the leg of one of the vending machines. Surely it was trash. But it could maybe be a coin. Down on one knee. I picked it up just as my co-worker arrived. Held it out saying: “Look! A Quarter!” She replied: “You silly, that is a Dollar.” I said: “NO WAY! It can’t be. For starters there were No coins here a few minutes ago as I was looking. And Doc and I discussed this yesterday - dollar coins are virtually impossible to find since they are not used. This coin is just not supposed to be here!” It was. (Coin #15)


At 7:30 when it was time to leave campus, Doc came to my office and suggested we photograph where I found the Dollar coin. After we did that, I turned around to notice the student study room was vacant. We could not resist going in. Two pennies there (2¢ worth). (Coins #16&17).


After leaving the campus, I was nearing the McDonalds. “Please Penny Angels, don’t ask me to stop there tonight. I want to go home.” Yet I felt the nudging … “OK. I will agree to stop ONLY IF there are zero cars in line. I do not have the patience to wait tonight.” There were no cars - but two pennies. (Coins #18&19).


Today’s Total: 19 Coins $1 (1), Q (2), D (1), N(0), P (15) = $1.75 and one plastic ring

Doc’s Summary (he likes to analyze the numbers): “Today’s total of $1.75 is the Product of our Combined Efforts as well as the product of our favorite numbers 7 (Doc) x 25 (Tina).”

Doc likens the $1 coin find to a Grand Slam Home Run in baseball.

My Summary: An impossible golden dollar coin was found in response to yesterday’s discussion. I think the Penny Angels made their point.


Mandy said...

I love that in the picture where you found the dollar coin, there is a swirl in the machine... well it looks like a swirl to me!
How about asking God for the dream home to be approved with no further complications. Also, the 4 Hour Work Week guy talks about how you must LIST THE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO before you will ever do them... sort of the same concept... listing outloud what you are wanting from the angels seems to elicit a response...

Chaz DeSimone said...

Reading your older posts is as interesting and entertaining as your newest. Finding the $1 coin the day after discussing it is amazing. And Mandy's comment about praying for the house to come along smoothly seems to have some credibility, doesn't it!