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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day #775 - Calm Spots

Coin Count for January: 276 (P), 14 (N), 71 (D), 29 (Q) and a $5 = $22.81

Building a house is so complex:

In December we put in our Application for our new lot to be annexed into the special Fire District. (That is mandatory in order to get the building permits). We paid the associated fees. We have now received the letter explaining the next steps. On March 2 our case will be presented at a public hearing. They must approve a special election so the affected parties can vote whether to approve and authorize us into that Fire District; then the voting will take place on March 9th. The annexation is mandatory, yet a vote is required to officially sanction it! Crazy!

This morning I submitted the required papers to the City. Then I stopped at the post office to check it out and to mail my “closing letter” to the insurance company regarding the flooded townhouse. Hopefully that is wrapped up.


When I left our house in Pomona, there was no noticeable wind blowing. What a difference in Cucamonga! The trees were blowing big time at the Civic Center. Now I know why we are required to build the house for 100 mph winds. People have warned us to strap down outdoor furniture and trashcans.

As I drove up Haven Ave. to our new lot, the winds were lessening.

Thought: The higher I traveled, the calmer the winds.

Things were quiet at the lot. A Calm Spot amidst the turbulent surroundings.


I stopped at a 7-11 store for a sandwich (but really for coins) before getting back on the freeway. Did a Singsong when I got out of the truck. Collected 5 pennies and one dime (Coins #1-6). Doc collected two pennies at McDonalds on his way to school. (Coins #7&8) At school, one of the Penny Pals gave Doc a penny which he had just found in the hallway of the Engineering Building. That will be added to the “Jar of Love” collection.


This evening we took the kids out for our bi-weekly play time. We played at a park and went for a walk along the river. It was nice to be in A Calm Spot to admire the beautiful sunset.

We had their parents meet up with us at one of the kid’s favorite restaurants where we all celebrated Grandma’s 71st birthday. Then the older kids excused mom, dad, little Jaime and grandma to go on home! They wanted to go for “coffees” (hot vanilla steamers) with Uncle Doc! He is corrupting them and getting them addicted to Starbucks at such a young age. Guess that is one of Doc’s “calm spots”.

Revised Total: 8 Coins P (7), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.17

Lesson: Make time for a few Calm Spots each day.


Anonymous said...

Go Doc!

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to editorialize on your situation, this district thing sounds pretty stupid; another way to separate you from your money (but not quite as diabolical as the refurbish-Claremont-at-future-resident’s-expense ploy).