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Monday, February 7, 2011

Day #780 - Sitting Around

Today Doc did a lot of sitting around: Breakfast, nap, Lunch, relax, coffee, break, Sit-N-Find coin, snack, coffee, massage, TV, bed. (He is retired). I worked on tax stuff, paper pushing and other not-so-fun stuff. I feel like we are both sitting around waiting for the bank to get us those loan documents!

We did get over to the Claremont City offices to try and “clean up” some paper work on the bare lot and get it ready for sale.

At 3 PM we went to Starbucks. Doc went for a coffee, but my objective was to test out the borrowed laptop computer. Since we are leaving town this weekend, I was trying to figure out how to check emails and write Penny Tales remotely for those four days.

We found a penny at the store next to the Starbucks. (Coin #1).

Doc insisted upon cruising the high school parking lot to find HIS coin for today. He found a penny and didn’t even get out of his seat to collect it. More sitting around! (Coin #2)

At 6:30 Doc met one of his former students at another Starbucks. He collected a penny there. (Coin #3). I met the two of them at 7:30 and we went for a Chinese foot massage. Found a penny when I arrived there. (Coin #4) Very relaxing hour. Doc claims he needed that hour so that he will be able to perform this weekend in Nevada.

Total: 4 Pennies

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