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Monday, February 14, 2011

Day #787 - Construction Begins

Our work day began very early in Vegas. We ripped out carpeting and padding, washed walls, masked off windows, painted, moved furniture and more! We left our hostess grateful, but exhausted!

At 5:45 Daryl sent a text saying he was on the way to the Penny Palace job site. At 7:30 he called to say the fencing had arrived. He continued his updates throughout the morning.

We needed to fuel the van for the drive home. Of course I searched the gas station. I spotted two pennies in a crack by a pay phone. Doc also spotted a penny in a crack. We collected 10 pennies and two dimes (Coins #1-12) out of the cracks there using various tools. There was something which looked like a nickel, but it is too mangled to be sure. (Coin #13). Coin Mine. They say the Slots in Vegas pay off - so do the sidewalk cracks!

Doc wanted a snack before we got on the freeway, so a quick 7-11 stop. There were 3 crack pennies outside, two pennies at the Jack in the Box next door, plus a dime and 8 pennies inside the store. (Coins #14-28). Another coin mine!


By 11:30 we were finally on the road. At noon Daryl called to say he was “locking up” the jobsite! He gave us the gate code. Our goal was to arrive at the construction site by 4 PM. We arrived at 4:02. Wow! Could not believe how much had occurred in half a day.


When we arrived home, there were messages from school, so we needed to go there. We were doing work in one lab when I told Doc I ‘felt’ a penny in there and was not leaving until I found it! Found that penny in a cabinet, then a penny in the study lab when I stopped to say hello to some students, then a penny at the vending machine (tool needed) and a dime. (Coins #29-32)

The fridge was empty so we stopped at a grocery store on the way home. Six pennies and four dimes there. (Coins #33-42)

Total: 42 Coins P (33), N (1), D (8), Q (0) = $1.18

Thought: We should leave town more often. With us out of the way, stuff happened!

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