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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Penny Palace Update - Groundbreaking!

What an amazing week!

Wednesday, February 9

Signed loan documents after some last minute glitches on Tuesday.

Thursday, February 10

Doc and I left town to help friends

4 PM Escrow officer called to say “Loan is funded and Deed is recorded!”

Friday, February 11

Daryl made lots of arrangements for things to happen on Monday.

Sunday, February 13

Carlos surveyed the lot and placed the corner staking.

Neighbor Craig cleared some bushes.

Monday, February 14 A series of updates to us from Daryl:

5:45 Heading to jobsite

6:30 On site

7:00 Fencing arrived

7:30 Sandbags and load of gravel here

8:45 Metal mud plates laid down

10:30 Fencing installed, porta potty on site, tractors/equipment now here

Noon Locking gates and here is the combination!

We arrived at 4 PM WOW!

Tuesday, February 15: Groundbreaking

Craig scraped off the top layer of vegetation and began digging. We need to dig down several feet and then re-compact the soil. Tomorrow is our first inspection with the Soils Engineer and then the City inspector.

The Penny Palace is becoming real!

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