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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day #789 - Move That Dirt!

We had gorgeous weather for the past six weeks. Today there was light rain most of the day with rain expected off and on over the next two weeks. But that did not stop Grader Craig. He was out there Moving That Dirt!

The City Inspector arrived around 8:30 to see that Craig had dug to the necessary depth. Then the soil engineer dropped by to check on things.

I couldn't resist getting out in the mud and standing in the Master Bedroom. (More visualization).

Dig Alert came out yesterday to mark incoming utilities. A rep from the gas company was out yesterday and a rep from the water company visited this morning. Good News! There is 8” water line running just outside our lot. (So we don’t have to worry about hitting that line). Edison was out this afternoon to talk to Neighbor Craig about putting in the Temporary Power Pole. At least one tree was cut down today.


Oops! I forgot this is supposed to be Penny Tales, not Penny Palace Update. I know we found coins, just trying to remember where? Ahh yes…Penny at McDonalds with breakfast (Coin #1). Then we went to the construction site and tramped through the mud. Before getting back on the freeway we stopped for petrol, three pennies, and one dime. (Coins #2-5).

Doc wanted Starbucks coffee, I wanted to go home. Told him I was tired of going to the same Starbucks - so he drove me to a different one! It was a station within a Target store, so while he got coffee, I cruised around the cash registers and service areas. Collected 5 pennies in various spots. (Coins #6-10).

Total: 10 Coins P (9), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.19


Sunday: Surveying

Monday: Mobilization of equipment

Tuesday: Turning over the dirt

Wednesday: Witnessing by City Inspector and Soils Engineer

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