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Monday, February 21, 2011

Day #794 - Holiday

On the way to campus today, we stopped at a CVS store where Doc collected a dime while I bought cough syrup.

We expected the campus to be closed for the holiday. I had 8 things on my To-Do list and planned to complete them in an hour. Surprise! That was not the case. The campus was in full operation, so that meant speaking with at least a dozen persons.

I found a dime at the vending machines, then a quarter and three pennies at the campus Marketplace. (Coins #2-6).


As we were stopped at a red light, Doc instructed me to search outside my car window in the dirt. There were two pennies! The light turned green, so Doc shouted, “Out”! I obeyed and he drove off. There was no stopping on the streets nearby, so he kept driving. I searched and searched for those pennies. Finally found one of them. “Mushroom Coins” are coins which suddenly appear. What shall we call those which suddenly disappear?


Doc and I planned next to head out to the construction site. Daryl called to say there was no activity - guess Grader Craig took off for the holiday.

This evening Doc and I worked on contracts, the lumber list, and various other activities.

Total: 7 Coins P (4), N (0), D (2), Q (1) = $0.49

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