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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day #781 - In Shock

Today we were expecting to FINALLY sign the loan docs and move forward. The loan papers did get to the escrow office today. Mid afternoon we were called and asked to bring a check for well over $100,000 to settle the closing. WHAT? Shock! We were expecting around $10,000 based upon the Good Faith Estimate.

We spent the afternoon with our banks trying to juggle our accounts and make all this happen. We were dealing with one of the branch managers just before the 5 PM closing time. Tony (who is a Penny Pal) was so helpful and efficient with his part of this rushed situation. As we shook hands, Tony asked if I had found today’s penny yet. “No! It has not been such a good day in many ways!”. I turned to walk away and there was a penny behind us! I told Tony the penny was in his bank, so I guess it was technically his. He said it was on the floor and mine!

Doc found his penny (and lunch) at McDonald’s on his way home from school.

Needless to say, we did not sign loan papers today.

Remind me again … Why are we doing this?

Total: 2 Pennies (God’s 2¢ worth)

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