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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Penny Palace Update

Yesterday the skies were cloudy and overcast. Today we woke up to beautiful clear blue skies and unlimited visibility - a good omen.

We were at the escrow office a few minutes before 8:30 when they opened. Found a quarter (again the special number 25 appears) outside while waiting. Another good omen. We showed the escrow officers the settlement numbers we believed were in error and they began the “resolution” process with the bank. While they were negotiating with the bank, Doc and I were reviewing the huge pile of legal papers in front of us. There were numerous errors in the package, but corrections are not allowed at this point. So frustrating.

Yesterday we scrambled to get funds wired to escrow. We were told that would happen early afternoon today. The funds arrived at 9 AM! Things were looking up! We provided our other funds for the balance owed and after two hours of signing and notarizing, the package was ready to submit back to the bank.

Tomorrow the bank should do the funding and then the Deed is to be recorded at the County tomorrow afternoon.

After that we may begin construction!

I just spoke with Carlos, the surveyor. He will put in the ground stakes this weekend. Then Craig will begin foundation grading for the house on Monday. Yipee!

Doc and I will be out of state for the next 4 days. We made a promise months ago to assist friends with some construction, so we will miss these first few construction activities. A bit disheartening after all these years. But we are leaving things in the hands of our Angels - both earthly and heavenly.

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