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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day #778 - Cleaning

Doc absolutely hates cleaning! For a year (or two) I have put on our monthly goal sheet “Cleaning Out Lawn Shed”. This week I made an agreement with Doc: Saturday from 9 AM - 1 PM. 4 hours. At 8:45 Doc announced he was going for coffee. I wanted to strangle him!


Doc convinced me to go along with him for coffee so I could find today’s coin. I found one penny at the closed In-n-Out Burger, then another penny at a grocery store. (Coins #1&2) I was done. We were stopped at a red light on a very busy street and I spied something shiny two lanes away. A Sit-n-Find. A quick check in all rear view mirrors revealed no oncoming cars. But just moments before there had been a huge truck behind us! So I dove for the quarter! (Coin #3).

Doc claimed to have seen a coin or two behind some machines at another grocery store (which had a Starbucks inside it). He dragged me there and made me retrieve the coins. Eleven hours later and my neck is still hurting from that dive. There were two regular pennies, two pennies stuck together, and one Canadian penny. (Coins #4-8).


At 10 AM we finally began cleaning the lawn shed. I said, “Wish the doors would swing outward instead of inward. It would provide more room inside and let in more light.” So for the next several hours Doc graciously worked on altering those doors - anything to avoid CLEANING! So I was left hauling out manyof the contents alone, then dealing with the bugs, spider webs, crud, …

Mid afternoon Doc was moving some plywood from the pile against a wall. He discovered a quarter! Nice, but hardly adequate compensation for all those hours of work. (Coin #9).

We finally gave up after 6 PM because each of us was barely able to move. We showered and headed for a local Mexican restaurant. While Doc was placing the order at the drive up window, I found a penny in the dirt on the passenger side. Then Doc collected a penny at the pick up window. (Coins #10&11) That’s the kind of cleaning up Doc doesn’t mind!

Total: 11 Coins P (9), N (0), D (0), Q (2) = $0.59

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