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Friday, September 16, 2011

Day #1,001 - Continuing

Today we had a family funeral to attend. It seems the only time we ever see any of Doc’s family is at funerals.

Of course Doc “needed” to stop for coffee before embarking on the 210 mile journey. When we got out of the van at Starbucks Doc said to me: “Go find a penny. On second thought, make it something silver.” I replied, “Something like YOU!” LOL

I walked through the coffee shop and out to the patio. Saw nothing and was leaving. Suddenly there was a DIME (a silver) in my path. (Coin #1)

We arrived at the church for the service with 15 minutes to spare. The parking lot was full, so we needed to park down the street in a residential area. Penny on the sidewalk. Nice omen. (Coin #2).

The Celebration of Life was WONDERFUL! The church was overflowing. So much JOY and sharing. Mary Ann had about 10 months of living to the fullest after she was diagnosed with brain cancer. It appears she touched many lives in a very positive manner. I would hope people would be saying similar things at my passing. It was touching.

For the drive (or Crawl home in Friday afternoon LA traffic), we stopped for petrol. I evidently walked right over a penny which Doc then claimed. (Coin #3)

Total: 3 Coins P (2), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.12

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