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Monday, September 12, 2011

Day #997 - Stuffed

A while back I bought an acrylic drawer organizer from Target and yesterday I finally got around to installing and filling it. It worked perfectly and I wanted more! So I went to our local Target yesterday, but they did not have any more. I went on line last night, none were even listed as existing. This morning I called the Target store where I had bought the tray and asked them how to acquire more units. Customer Service searched for the Bar Code and said the product did not even show on their computers. She called the floor manager, nothing. They said THEY could not help.

I was ready to hang up the phone, but quickly sent a request to the Angels, “Can you help here? These will be trays for the Penny Palace”. Immediately the Target Service rep said, “let me try something else … she did and the product showed on her screen!” She then called the department staff and was told there were 5 units on the floor! They are now “on hold for Tina” and tomorrow I will claim them.

Lesson: When mere mortals can’t help you out, don’t give up - ask for higher assistance.


Today we expected the insulation company to begin working early, thus we left home early. Just couldn’t resist asking Doc to make a 1-2 minute detour past the closed KFC near our house. I quickly ran past the drive-up window and collected a quarter (good way to start the day), then two cents worth. I turned around as I was leaving to say “Thank You Angels” and saw a gleaming dime where I had just stepped! (Coins #1-4)

As Doc visited Starbucks for his coffee, I visited the Carl’s Jr. for 2 cents. (Coins #5&6)


When we arrived at the jobsite, Raphael was unloading the insulation. Then he began stuffing the walls. We expected a crew of 2-3 workers in order to complete the job by tomorrow. Only one guy was working today.

Our special guest today was Sparky. He made his first official entrance through the Doggie Door.

At 9 a.m. we met with the solar rep Robert at his house. Yesterday the installer ran conduit at the Penny Palace in order to prepare things for our solar panels. Robert made the mistake of showing Doc the solar panels which are currently being installed on his house. I had to nearly hog-tie Doc to drag him away. The two of them were so excited about their new toys.


Doc finally went to school while I did lots of follow up house stuff and sent out invitations for the Day #1,000 Champagne Tour.

Doc collected a penny in the roadway on his way home. (Coin #7 Sit-N-Find). Then we actually had dinner at home for a change. Nice. We were both stuffed.

Total: 7 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (1) = $0.40

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