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Thursday, September 15, 2011

DAY #1,000!

There were several beautiful facets to today. There was the regular penny finding and Penny Palace Progress, the special Day 1000 Activities and Celebration, the Table from Heaven and the TEN for TEN Challenge. Thus it has taken two days to sort and compile it all.

It was certainly a Major Milestone Day. Penny Tale Readers had numerous suggestions of what to do in honor of this day. See more Details on Day #1000 Celebration.


My first stop was to get ice for the champagne. I arrived at the water store at 8:45 (15 minutes before they opened). The jewelry store next door had a 10 a.m. opening time posted. I thought, “Hey Angels, wouldn’t it be nice if the Penny Pendant could be polished for tonight’s partyt?” Instantly Coco, the owner of Rodeo Jewelry appeared behind me and for some reason had chosen to open his store 1.25 hours early today! He agreed to polish the Penny Pendant as soon as the equipment had warmed. COINcidence?

To kill time, I walked over to the grocery store to find today’s penny. (Coin #1).


Meanwhile Doc and Daryl were at the Penny Palace. Inspector Mike conducted the Insulation Inspection. Of course we passed. That one was easy.


After and hour or two of cleaning and setting up at the construction site, Doc and I headed out to Mentone where we looked over, then purchased the Table from Heaven. (see separate story)


The next few hours were spent pursuing the TEN for TEN Challenge along with Day #1000 Festivities. Some of the stories brought hugs and tears. The first stop was a church; the second a restaurant. Click here for more details of our TEN Stories.

At the Lincoln Memorial Shrine Doc and I each tossed a penny into the fountain. (Minus two). We enjoyed a private 1-hour tour conducted by Docent Smith which concluded with an impressive display of Lincoln pennies. (Trivia: Lincoln was the first president to have his image placed on a US coin).

We were “nudged” to stop at a hospital to give one of the $10 for the Challenge. There was a penny at the entrance to the Emergency Room. (Coin #2).

As we returned to the construction site to set up for the Champagne Tour, we stopped at a 7-11 store. Doc found a penny in the parking lot. I found a penny and quarter inside the store, then a dime in the fuel pumping area. (Coins #3-6)

Stopped at the grocery store for platters of food for the party. There was a penny as I hopped out of the van. (Coin #7).

By 5:30 p.m. the guests had begun arriving for the Sunset Champagne Tour. (See separate story).

Lessons Today? Too Numerous to List!

Total: 7 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (1) = $0.40

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