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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day #995 - Just Right

Doc says I am very “picky”. (Other people use some other terms which I won’t type here). What’s wrong with wanting things “Just Right”? Why settle for ordinary? I like to get A’s versus C’s in school.

This morning Doc and I visited the stone manufacturing yard (for the third time now). I really like the Castle Cut stone for the outside of the house. With the stones on display, one was too yellow, one to grey, one too copperish, etc. So Enrique is going to create a color which is “Just Right” for me.

For the fireplace stone, I selected the Cobble design. But again, an entire wall of one color stone didn’t feel right. So I asked Enrique to compile three different colors and make it “Just Right”.

At the jobsite, Ruben, Jaime, and Jerman were practically running the entire day. They had a deadline to finish today and they were scrambling to make sure everything was “Just Right”.

We met with Robert from Green Energy Group and worked with him for nearly two hours to get the panel designs and the paperwork “Just Right”. Work should begin tomorrow to get the conduit installed before the drywall is hung next week.

On the way home we stopped at two flooring stores to further investigate sheet vinyl for the kitchen. I thought the one I had already selected was “Just Right”, but earlier this week a question was raised about it’s quality. I was told we should select a better quality one. But I am on a limited budget.


Penny Finding:

One the way home I noted to Doc that we should stop for a penny since I did not want to go out of the house again this evening. Thus we quickly stopped at a 7-11 next to the freeway. No coins found! Rats. Doc and I both wanted to get home to use the toilet, but were determined to find a coin first! Serious Penny Fever. I wandered to the self-serve car wash next door. Very busy there. No coins found until right at the end when I was leaving. One penny. Whew! (Coin #1)

Doc had meanwhile begun to drive over to the gas station next door. I immediately found a penny near the gas pumps. (Coin #2). I hopped in the van and said “Thank you Angels for your 2¢ worth today.”

I fastened my seatbelt as Doc was preparing to merge into oncoming traffic. “Halt! There is a penny outside my window!” Doc instantly halted the van allowing me to hop out and claim the coin. (Coin #3) Good thing I married a guy who is “Just Right” and tolerates my “quirks”.

Total: 3 pennies

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Quirks is another word that people use some other terms which you shouldn't type here.