In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day #999 - Getting Ready

This morning it was tough to get out of the house in a timely manner with all the emails and calls which kept coming in. My first stop was at the jeweler to get a new $3 battery for Doc’s pedometer. A lady walked in whom I had seen two days ago at Target. At that time I thought she looked familiar and so today I approached her. Paula seemed really nice and asked why I was at the jeweler. I told her I was having the Penny Pendant polished for tomorrow’s Party! LOL. Of course she asked for further explanation. She and several other customers heard the story.

As I walked out of the jeweler’s I said, “Penny Angels it would make it more impressive if you delivered today’s Find while I can show it to those people”. I searched for a few minutes in the parking lot, found a penny and returned to show Paula as she was getting in her car. Shared JOY. (Coin #1).

Next it was a rinse off for Pippy. Hey, if she’s going to the Celebration, she needs to be clean. At the car wash, I hopped out of the truck and immediately said a SingSong. Within a few seconds there was a penny. (Coin #2)

Sitting on a bench at the car wash is not too productive, so I went street walking. One penny. (Coin #3)


Nice Story:

When I returned to the car wash, the truck was not yet ready. One attendant walked past me. I smiled. He had a great smile in return and some life in his step. A second attendant, an older man, shuffled by with an invisible load on his shoulders. I smiled. He barely noticed. I was left unsettled and “nudged”. After a few minutes of arguing with the nudging, I gave in. I followed the man to where he was getting a cold drink of water. “Excuse me Sir. A few minutes ago, I smiled at you, and you did not smile back. I figure you need a smile today. Here is a Penny Card (with a $10 bill attached) which I hope will make you smile.” He looked at me with ??? eyes and said quietly “My name is Tom”. I shook his hand and said “My name is Tina and I’m glad to have met you today”. Then I walked away.

I STILL felt unsettled so I went back and said, “In case you are wondering WHY I did that … it’s because I have found a coin now for 999 days and so I decided in CELEBRATION of 1000 days, I would give 1000 pennies ($10) to a few chosen people. Today I chose YOU”. He smiled. I went to get in my clean truck. I looked back at him. He gave a BIG wave and a smile. My heart was singing the rest of the day.


Stopped to get supplies for the CELEBRATION: plates, snacks, champagne, cider, etc. One very shiny penny as I hopped out of the truck there. (Coin #4)


Arrived at the jobsite to find Rafael, Insulation guy, working solo again. He was putting insulation in the Grand Room ceiling 24 ft. off the ground. Yikes. Then he ran caulking around all the windows. By early afternoon he was ready to start working on the garages. He was going to do the detached garage, but I requested that he begin with the attached garage so that I could then clean it for tomorrow’s party. He stuffed and stuffed while I cleaned other rooms. He finally finished around 3:30.

Doc arrived with a change of clothes for me so that we could really get down and dirty together. We spent the next four hours cleaning and getting on each other’s nerves. Finally the flashlights were proving inadequate and both of us could barely move. We locked the gate and drove down the hill to see a beautiful view of City lights.


We stopped for a Mexican meal on the way home. One penny as I hopped out of the truck, one dirt penny in the planter as Doc got out of the van, one penny while waiting for our food, and one penny when I ran through vacant drive up window. (Coins #5-8)


Total: 8 Pennies

Wondering WHO will participate in tomorrow’s CHALLENGES?

Anticipation …

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