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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day #1,007 - Scratched

Things are moving rapidly. Dozens of minor things happening today. The two major activities were scratching and taping.

There was a crew of 7-8 guys working on the stucco team today. In one day they scratch coated the whole house! Amazing process. Of course they taped off all the woodwork, doors, and windows. Great for protection of those features, but horrible for the guys working (cooking) inside the house.

There was a team of five guys taping and mudding the drywall inside the house. Temperatures outside were in the high 90s with very high humidity. Inside the house it was like a terrarium.

Both crews sure earned their wages today. They were going through gallons of drinking water. Around 2 p.m. I headed out to refill the water jugs. At the store I collected 3 pennies, 3 dimes, and two quarters! Great stop.

It was Doc’s first day lecturing. By 9 p.m. when he came home, he was exhausted. He assembled today’s video (Priority #1) and then “checked out”. I’ll talk to him tomorrow regarding all the other contracts, calls, emails, etc. which came in today.

Total: 8 Coins P (3), N (0), D (3), Q (2) = $0.83

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