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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Table from Heaven

There were several times recently where Doc and I were sitting in the Breakfast Nook of the Penny Palace. I realized I could not see the street through the windows while seated. Not good! (The windows had originally been designed at 5 ft. tall, but we shrunk them to 4’6” to reduce costs and west-facing solar exposure).

We decided a counter-height table might be a good solution to my dilemna. I spent a few hours over several nights looking on-line at hundreds of dining sets. They were either the wrong size or way too modern looking. I did not see any chairs with the “country style” look which I desire. I finally put that project aside saying, “This is too soon to look for furniture. When the time is right, the table will manifest”.


A few nights ago I was searching Craig’s list. People keep saying how great that website is, so I went exploring in the Materials / Construction area for potential savings. Somehow something slipped and I landed in the furniture area. Right on a photo which had been posted only a few hours earlier. It was of a white hutch in an attractive style. I read the description. A counter height table and chairs were also being offered! “Please contact for more details on the dining set”.

Of course I requested info and photos. The owner, Judy, quickly responded. The style looked good. I was concerned about the white color. Our kitchen cabinets are cream. Would that look OK?

Doc and I drove to Mentone to look at the dining set. It was sturdy, had only a few blemishes, could be cleaned pretty well, and the chairs were a great style! For the color question I took along a sample of our cabinet doors and they looked great together!

And the matching hutch was a size which can serve as a linen cupboard in the bathroom!

What is the magical number with Penny Finding? 25.

The price for the six pieces: $250

Bonus: As we were carrying the table out, we noticed a penny at the threshold of Judy’s home!

The furniture was meant for the Penny Palace. We hauled it to the construction site and used it for the very first time to hold the party favors and desserts for the guests at the Day 1000 Champagne Tour. Such JOY to have people seated there and enjoying the “kitchen”. (A mocked up version using large cardboard boxes and OSB scraps).

It really does work to ask for assistance in all things.

Just another COINcidence.

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