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Friday, December 2, 2011

Day #1,078 - Protected

Anxious for today to be over with and a new day to begin”. That is what I wrote yesterday. Today was a great new day with many wonderful moments and tremendous progress.

Yesterday when I left the Penny Palace, I stood in the doorway and said, “Angels we have no door to protect this house tonight and the winds are expected to be even stronger than they were last night. Please watch over the Penny Palace. It is in your care.” When I arrived this morning, all was well. I had left a green plastic tablecloth laying in the entryway to see where it would be this morning. That would give me an indication of the wind level inside the Grand Room during the night. The table cloth had not moved. Thank You Angels.

The day was so busy I can only remember a small portion of what happened.

The tile guys began working at 7:30. Thankfully no one else was working yet, so I used that opportunity to create the lines for my “tile stream”. The tile guys then spent the rest of the day cutting and dry laying the Aussie foyer and bathroom tile. (Minus the stream which is my part to do).

Electrical Travis spent the day installing light switches and canned ceiling lights.

Solar Tube Henry came back to perform a water test on Tube #4.

Vinyl Flooring guy, Mark arrived. He was feeling ill and I noted that he brought ¾” plywood which was too thick for this application. I sent him home for chicken soup, rest and 5/8” plywood. We will try for that installation tomorrow.

Grader Rick arrived to “Move Those Rocks!” We sent a truckload of the largest rocks to my brother’s house 150 miles from here. He claims he moved 80,000 cu ft of dirt for his house and only found one 10” rock. He wanted some of our rocks!

The landscaping crew arrived at 11 a.m. They began marking out boulders and ponds and bridges and … But we hadn’t even seen a bid yet for the work! This was a bit frightening. When Rod, the Landscape Architect arrived, he began telling me some of his plans… They sound spectacular. They sound much more extravagant than we can afford. Anxious to show YOU. Not anxious to tell Doc. LOL We shall see…

The landscaping crew moved three boulders up onto the patio so the concrete team can pour around those.

Finish carpenter David arrived at 4:30 to assess the damaged doors. He said all could be repaired, but he can’t work on those until Monday.

The new dumpster arrived at 5 p.m. It was ordered 4 days ago, but delivered to the wrong house down the street from us.

There was more activity and phone calls and other things as well. Need to get to work on some of the resulting Action Items from today. This day was high-speed excitement!


Penny Finding? I found one penny in the gravel next to the Porta Potty. A second penny at the grocery store where I stopped for roasted turkey and salad. (My 2¢ worth)

Doc spent the morning cleaning out solar car gear in the lab at school. He was at the Penny Palace in the afternoon which was great since there was so much activity. By late afternoon he needed a coffee, so he made a quick trip to 7-11 where he got his caffeine fix and a penny. He found a second penny at the grocery store on his way home. (Doc’s 2¢ worth).

Total: 4 pennies

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