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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day #1089 - Rainbow

I once again left Doc, Dundee and the other Dogs home to grade Final Exams while I headed for the jobsite. I have a feeling they were all “Working like a Dog” today. (Which translates to: eat, poop, nap, stretch, nibble, watch TV, sleep, watch birds, fluff blanket, pee, sleep, greet Tina when she comes home). LOL

The first order of business for me was to rake those prickly balls which have fallen from the Liquidambar trees. It has been like walking on a layer of marbles each time we walk to and from our vehicles parked at the street - very annoying and dangerous.

Then it was time to get to work

The tiles guys were doing more of the detail work

The landscapers were moving rocks, pressure testing the supply lines and filling dirt areas.

The cabinet guys (father and son team) were installing cabinets

Painter Jr. was painting interior closets and other small items

The solar panel guy dropped in to say he had requested City Inspection

Neighbor Craig came over to check on things.

Numerous phone calls regarding the floor medallion, construction insurance, appliances and more.

Project Manager Daryl called in this morning. He was very frustrated because he had spent much of the morning looking for a wayward document. I immediately sent a quiet request to the Angels: “Please open Daryl’s eyes and let him ‘see’ what he is searching for”. Within one minute Daryl said, “The document is right here in front of me! I have looked here several times!” COINcidence?

Mid-morning I headed to the paint store for supplies. While waiting for the paint colors to be mixed, I took Pippy next door to the gas station for some fuel. There was a shiny penny as I stepped out of the truck. (Coin #1) I was satisfied with that, but ‘nudged’ to look in a nearby planter bed. My reply, “No thanks Angels. That area is full of trash, mud, chewed gum, cigarette butts, etc.” If there was a coin in there, I certainly wouldn’t want to touch it. There were four coins - so dirt coated I couldn’t positively determine their denominations. (3 pennies and one dime after Doc washed them). Two more shiny pennies as I returned to the truck.

There was much progress (CPP) at the Penny Palace today. As I was leaving this afternoon, there was a spectacular rainbow overhead. Nice.


Doc claimed one dime when he and Sparky went for their morning coffee.

This evening we have received counteroffers on two of the properties we are interested in. We are not prepared to accept either of those offers.

Total: 8 Coins P (6), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.26

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