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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day #1,103 - Staying Home

Construction Manager / General Contractor is a tough role sometimes, but that is easier than the role of Caregiver. Sincere Appreciation goes to all those people who provide such services. One day in this role and I am ready to get my boots on and get back out to the construction site.

Today my mom needed some medical procedures performed, so that took priority over the Penny Palace. (Not too many other things do). I am not a morning person and would rather go to bed at 4 a.m. than wake up at that hour. By 5 a.m. Mom and I were on the road. By 5:30 we were at the hospital. By 7:30 a.m. the procedure was successfully completed and she was in the recovery room. While she was still under anesthesia, the doctor came in to give me the assessment. He concluded with, “I met your mother briefly one time. I have the feeling she will not be a very cooperative patient. Thus I suggest ….” Now just how did he discern that after only one brief encounter with her? LOL

On the way home from the hospital Mom and I made a stop for some groceries (some chicken noodle soup, grapes, etc.) Upon entering the store I said. “Penny Angels, I am not likely to leave my house for the remainder of the day. If I am to have a coin today, it’s got to be here.” During checkout at the self service station there were two pennies underfoot! (Coins #1&2)

The remainder of the day was spent in tending to my patient.


Son Brian came over this morning to ‘deliver’ my Christmas present. New sparkplug wires for Pippy have been sitting by my front door for a month. Not a job I am confident in undertaking. So today Brian installed the wires as well as new sparkplugs for Pippy. That is much better than getting any more doodads.

Then Brian and Doc headed to the Penny Palace to give Brian a chance to try out the new spiral staircase. Doc collected one penny at Starbucks. While on site, Doc coerced Brian into fixing the front fence. Doc reported that both the electrical team and the landscaping crew were working today.


One of the reasons for building the Penny Palace is to have sound deadening doors between the family room (Doc’s Turf) and the main area of the house (Tina’s turf). For Doc, TV is a relaxing device; for me it is an irritant and feels like torture to hear the offensive commercials and shows. It’s the equivalent of breathing second-hand smoke.

Tonight Doc has the TV going in one room and my mom has one going in the main area of the house. There is no escape! Penny Palace take me away ….

Total: 3 Pennies

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