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Monday, December 5, 2011

Day #1,081 - Breaking Up

Sometimes I think I should just say “No one here at the jobsite for the next three days because I need to do some cleaning and get some of my projects done around here!” But of course we need to keep everyone moving forward - especially with the End of Year Holidays approaching.

This morning the landscape crew was staking out elevations and figuring where to run lines. Grader Rick was digging the trenches for them. Then he went off to get a load of sand for under the pond liners. Landscape Eddie took off to get materials for tomorrow’s work session.

Tile Fidencio cleaned the Aussie floor tiles, then said he would return on Wednesday after the tile shipment arrives.

Flooring Mark laid down almost all of the 5/8” subfloor for the kitchen and laundry area.

I began Breaking Up tiles for the stream which will flow to the bathroom. That was fun - and a good use for the various tile samples I have obtained over the past year in trying to make my final selections.

The Slagle brothers worked for a few hours on re-hanging those three blown out doors and installing some locks. The Penny Palace should be less exposed tonight. Thanks to the Angels for doing a great job watching over the house those three nights without the doors. The green plastic sheet I cast by the front door remained there each night. That indicates no winds entered the Palace.


This evening as I left the Penny Palace I stopped at the gas station / car wash. There were no coins to be found near the gas pumps or inside the convenience store. I walked over to the car wash and realized I should have brought a flashlight. How could I find a coin where it was so dark? The winds were biting and cold. I was begging the Angels to please hurry the process. I didn’t see any coins (it was dark). I was returning to the truck, but turned to look back. Something glistened. I returned to the wash area and claimed today’s penny. Thank you Angels!

Total: 1 Penny

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