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Friday, December 16, 2011

Day #1,092 - Crazy Weather

Yesterday there was rain, snow, hail and freezing temperatures. Today I was using the air conditioner and trying to stay balanced in 60-70 mph winds! Crazy weather.

We had two semi-deep ponds in the yard due to runoff and melted snow.

Roofer Bill arrived promptly at 9 a.m. to review the Dining Room Puddle issue. Monday he will install some diverter metal on the roof to see if that will eliminate the problem. Stucco Tommy will also come out Monday to investigate stucco integrity.

There was plenty of activity at the Penny Palace. The tile team was laying the medallion and entryway tiles. We decided to switch to 16” tiles vs. 12” tiles so that meant a mid-morning run to Home Depot for more tiles. Before I left, I painted the medallion ‘pennies’ so they could dry while I was gone.

The cabinetry guys were working all day. They asked if I had knobs or pulls? Yes. And several styles of each of those! I placed the appropriate hardware in each drawer or cabinet before I left. Hope our doggies will like their new feeding station.

Electrical Stan dropped in to deliver some of the garage light fixtures. We did a walk through of the house to update my “shopping list”. I compiled it in January before we even broke ground!


I left the jobsite at 4 p.m. Stopped at the store for duct tape. I just KNEW I would find a coin in that store. I felt it when walking in. Four pennies and a dime in various places before leaving the store (Coins #1-5).


Doc spent the morning at Cal Poly Pomona working with Dad Watson regarding the solar car project. They compiled artifacts to take to the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) Museum to go along with the solar car, Intrepid II, which was taken there last week.

This afternoon Doc dealt with utility and insurance activation for the new rental property. We closed escrow today and repair work began this afternoon. Those are activities I would typically handle. It’s nice to have a partner who can ‘sub’ for you.

This evening we made a quick trip the hardware store (to fix a broken shower handle), then to the grocery store where Doc claimed a dime (Coin #6). Next we met son Brian and his fiancee, Celeste for Brian’s birthday dinner. Nice meal and one penny in the waiting area. (Coin #7)

We all went back to Brian’s place where Brian and Doc spent 1.5 hours with flashlights underneath the house. They were devising ways to shore up the flooring, move dirt, and possibly add a concrete slab under there. Doc’s hates spiders so I was surprised he stayed down there in the dirt so long.

Total: 7 Coins P (5), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.25

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