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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day #1,096 - Santa Visits PP

Today the tile crew was grouting the majority of the Penny Palace floor tile and had taped off access to many areas. Imagine my surprise when I came inside from the back yard to find Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus standing in front of the fireplace! Did they come down the chimney?

Today the ‘ants’ were busy again.

The tile crew was grouting the floors.

The finish carpenters built the shelving for the walk-in Pantry. Those will be sooo functional.

The grading guy moved rocks, stones, boulders, gravel, and sand. Then he brought in another load of dirt!

The landscaping crew carried rocks, and moved rocks, and placed rocks and probably even cursed rocks.

The electrical crew hung wall sconces, and pulled the wire from the main house panel to the two sub-panels.

The stucco guy came by to assess the water penetration issue.

The roofing guy added diversionary measures so the water runs off further from the house.


This morning I stopped at Home Depot on the way to the jobsite. Got eight light fixtures and one penny. This evening on my way home, I stopped at Home Depot to exchange one faulty fixture and collect a dime.

Doc retrieved a penny and a quarter while getting Mexican food on his way home.

Total: 4 Coins P (2), N (0), D (1), Q (1) = $0.37

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