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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day #1,093 - Wedding Pennies

The first appointment this morning was with a contractor at the new Rental Property. We closed escrow yesterday and today he was tearing out the windows and doors.

I made a quick stop at Home Depot to get bungee straps to wrap the wedding gift. I found two pennies and a dime in various places. (Coins #1-3). Then, I went next door to the office supply store for a roll of packaging paper (gift wrap). One penny there. (Coin #4)

I was planning on ordering the 33 exterior light fixtures for the Penny Palace on-line. Our electrician suggested I ask the local lighting store if they could match or beat the on-line prices. As I drove to the store, I asked the Angels to assist with this aspect of the project. I found a penny as I walked into the store - good omen. (Coin #5). The sales rep took my shopping list and was able to beat the on-line prices, plus I had a merchandise credit there from 4 years ago when I had paid for some design services.

While I was running those errands, Doc headed to the Penny Palace. He was surprised to find my floor medallion made from tile pieces of the various other tile projects.

This is the view Doc captured from the window in the Master toilet. It almost looks fake!

Cabinet Frank finishing the decorative molding around the cabinetry. Two guys were working on electrical items. Grading Rick stopped in to assess conditions for continued work on the patio and yard.


At 1:30 Doc and I headed out to attend a wedding ceremony for Hui, a former student and Engineering Council Officer. The church service was followed by an 8? Course Chinese dinner at a restaurant in Orange. Since there was some time between the ceremony and reception, Doc sought out a Starbucks -a coffee for him and some planning time for me. I collected a penny outside in a planter bed and two pennies inside the store. (Coins #6-8). Hui is an avid Penny Finder and Jesse proposed to her using a trail of Pennies. At the reception, I slipped a penny on the chair of the bride and groom before they arrived. Hui had fun with that when they went to be seated. Hui included a penny, crystal and chocolates in her bag of favors for each guest.

Total: 8 Coins P (7), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.17

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