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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day #1,107 - Goodbye 2011

It seems we were just experiencing the panic of Y2K and now eleven years have already passed. This year has been very busy and there have been so many wonderful “COINcidences” along the way.

The morning began by writing and mailing checks for Federal and State income taxes. Not the funnest thing to do. After that Doc needed a coffee so we stopped at Starbucks where he found a penny next to the van. (Coin #1)

We spent a few hours working at the Penny Palace. Doc steadied the ladder for me so I could paint the ceiling over the garden bathtub. He was really tired after that, so he found a large piece of cardboard for a mattress and a roll of paper towels for a pillow and took a nap. While he snored, I tried to figure out how the heck to produce the Aussie stream from broken tiles.

On the way home we stopped at a grocery store. Very busy tonight. I found 6 pennies and one dime. (Coins #2-8) As we were driving away Doc asked if I had two dimes. I replied, “No, just one. But you are driving past one right now!” So he pulled aside while I ran back and fetched that dime. (Coin #9)

We stopped for a quick Mexican counter meal. Doc found another dime - in the men’s restroom. (Coin #10)

Once at home, I unpacked the groceries and started the laundry while Doc took Sparky for a drive. They went to CVS Pharmacy where Doc got some decongestant, a penny and a nickel. (Coins #11-12).

Now it’s time to pay the subcontractors and put our Penny Palace December receipts in order. Then we will log in the December Penny Finds. After that, Doc wants to begin 2011 tax preparations. He is already getting nervous about how much we will need to pay in 3.5 months.

Total: 12 Coins P (8), N (1), D (3), Q (0) = $0.43

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JR said...

A good (i.e. diamond) scroll saw will solve your straight-edges problem.