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Friday, December 23, 2011

Day #1,099 - New Wheels

Today we got a new set of wheels! And Pippy helped me transport them to the Penny Palace.

A year ago when I was investigating windows for the new house, I discovered a load of teak wagon wheels in a warehouse. They were each of different sizes, hubs, spokes, etc. I’ll bet they have some fascinating stories of their travels through Thailand. I wanted one of those wheels for the front yard of the Penny Palace and vowed I would be back to the store at a later date. When Shirlee (from Australia) was visiting us in July, I took her to see the wheels. Turns out she has always had a fondness for wagon wheels! Perfect. She helped me choose a special one to put on hold until we were ready for it at the Penny Palace. Shirlee also left a Christmas note for Doc when she left.

This morning Doc and I decided to go get my wagon wheel. Just before leaving, we opened the Christmas note from Shirlee. It contained instructions and the funds for Doc to also get a wagon wheel. We had such fun obtaining our wheels. When we arrived at the Penny Palace and offloaded the wheels, we found a Penny in the bed of the pickup truck! A symbol that the Angels were assisting in that transport?


On the way to the Penny Palace we stopped at the Plumbing supply store to get a 50 gal. hot water heater. Plumber Bryan informed me last night that he wants to work Monday. I should have supplies ready for him. Does he realize that not only is it a weekend in the next two days, it is also Christmas? Does he realize most businesses are closed those two days?

At the Penny Palace Doc and I off loaded things, then prepared to paint the staircase pieces. After laying a few treads down, we realized the loft area was too dusty and dirty to paint. So we chiseled, swept and vacuumed. We will let the dust settle tonight and then try again tomorrow to do the painting.

Realizing that stores may be closed tomorrow, Doc and I headed for a stone yard to look for flagstone or quartzite for the back yard bridges. The yard was so large, we were taken from spot to spot with an electric cart! It is so difficult when the pieces are in crates to tell what will look good in our back yard.

Doc wanted to stop in at the new rental property and check on today’s progress. We were in two separate vehicles, so I told him I would meet him there after I made a small detour. I stopped at a 7-11 store for a piece of beef jerky plus two pennies and a dime. (Coins #1-3).


At 7 p.m. we met with our Realtor and signed more paperwork for the purchase of Replacement Property #2. That one needs considerable repair work. When we toured it a few weeks ago, the realtor said, “It looks like the occupants used leftover paints from elsewhere and randomly painted the rooms.” Thus I have nicknamed it “Paint Bucket”.

Total: 3 Coins P (2), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.12

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