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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day #1,084 - Campfires

A bit of firefighting today. No raging wildfires, merely campfires which needed some dousing.

As I parked Pippy on the street, one of the tile guys was standing next to his truck awaiting the other workers. A stray dog barked at him and he jumped into the bed of his truck. He was not coming down until that dog was gone. The dog was super friendly, so I spent 20 minutes trying to get her back to her home. Campfire #1.

The case of bottled waters which I had transported to the site was leaking and needed dealing with. I guess that wasn’t a campfire - that was the dousing material!

When I got inside, the painter had some things to discuss.

The landscaper said the back yard needed to be raised 2-2.5 ft and he needed 3-4 more truckloads of dirt. I don’t think so! So I spent time with him in exploring some options.

I very much simplified my original tile layouts. I don’t have the time and energy to lay it out myself or even try to explain it to someone else (especially since I don’t speak Spanish). Thus, we are implementing a basic, straight tile pattern. The tile guys began laying the tile in the Grand Room. The tiles from the various boxes have considerable variances in sizes which will lead to inconsistent grout widths. What did I want to do about that?

I kept trying to leave to make a 2:30 appointment. At 2:40 p.m. Vinyl Floor Mark said he had laid the first major piece. In laying the adjacent piece, it was very obvious that there were shading issues in the material. Did I want him to proceed with the defective material or order more and wait for a future installation? The cabinetry is arriving tomorrow morning, so I had to make an immediate decision on that Campfire.

At 3:15 I finally arrived at the scheduled meeting. This was with a Contractor, our Realtor, and a Home Inspector. We have made an offer on Replacement House #1 for the property we sold. We have entered escrow and now need to conduct our due diligence as well as determining what it will cost to make this house Rent Ready. That meeting went fairly well and we expect the Inspection Report, Contractor’s Bid, and Termite Report within the next few days.

Our realtor found a penny near the garage of the house and gave it to me. Maybe a good omen, but it was her penny find, not mine.

At 5:30 I returned to the tile store to obtain the tile I discovered yesterday. Had not really intended for that, but the tiles will look nice as “thresholds” into the Grand Room.


I spotted a 7-11 store a short distance from the tile store, so I pulled into that parking lot and asked the Penny Angels for today’s coin. There was a shiny penny two parking stalls from where I parked and a dime before I reached the door. I was tempted to turn and leave, but proceeded inside for the fun of it. I found two dimes and three pennies inside. (Coins #1-7)


After that, I wanted to go home, but instead drove in the opposite direction and returned to the jobsite. I parked the truck and was jotting down some notes, when I could sense someone near. Fortunately it was neighbor Craig. He had been out of state for a few weeks, but is a devoted Penny Tale Reader so he knew everything which had been happening. I was wondering how I was going to get the just-purchased tile from my truck into the house, and Craig was my answer. Another example of Manifesting. How many dozens of times has that happened with the Penny Palace where the ‘right’ person has arrived at the right time?

I just had the feeling that the subs would not lock down the house. I was correct. Four doors were left wide open and gusty winds are expected tonight.


Doc and I had a craving for fish & chips, so Doc phoned in our order ahead of time and we met at the shop. It closes at 7 p.m. and I arrived with one minute to spare! After a very fast meal, I proceeded home while Doc walked across the shopping center parking lot to the mail station. He found three pennies during his few minutes of travel. He and Sparky claimed another penny this morning when they went out for coffee. (Coins #8-11)

Total: 11 Coins P (8), N (0), D (3), Q (0) = $0.38

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