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Monday, February 28, 2011

Day #801 - Accuracy

This morning we quickly stopped at the Civil Engineer’s office to deliver the Soils Compaction Report for his review. We will meet him on site tomorrow morning.

We stopped at a different Starbucks (for some variety in life). There was a garden plaza fountain with hundreds of coins in it; some within reach. Off limits according to Penny Protocol.

Next, we met with Daryl at the jobsite. After a walkabout with him, we went for lunch. In the short time we were together, Daryl found two pennies, Doc found four and I found one. Seven is a nice number. (Coins #1-5 for us).

Back to the job site to speak with Concrete Rick. He was beginning to chalk the foundation lines. Picture perfect weather for it.

Next, we headed to the hospital to visit Grader Craig. (Coin #6). Found a penny when entering the lobby. Craig was asleep, so we left a Penny Card next to his cell phone and quiet prayers for his speedy recovery.

Doc headed for Starbucks - visit #2 for the day. I found a dime, he found a quarter which I had overlooked! I walked next door to the del Taco and collected another quarter. (Coins #7-9).

A quick stop at a 7-11 yielded a penny. (Coin #10).

For dinner Doc went to McDonalds. He did not see any coins, but was “nudged” to open the van door before arriving at the window. He did, and to his surprise there was a quarter in a crack next to his door. (Coin #11)


This evening has been calls and emails regarding Soil/Termite Treatment, Sprinkler Heads, Trenching, Edison Service … I think this will make for about a 15 hour work day!

Just got off the phone (9 PM) with Carlos regarding details on the Foundation staking. He staked to the Property Line whereas today we were measuring to the Block Wall. Not the same thing. Accuracy is important!


The Certificate of Occupancy Challenge started this morning. Fun to hear some of your “Bets”.

Penny Pal Chaz writes: Disneyland was built from groundbreaking to opening day in less than a year. It has 5 lands. You have just Pennyland.

Somehow I think Regulations and codes have changed over the past half century.

Noah would definitely NOT be allowed to build the ark in today’s world! (See the movie “Evan Almighty”)

Total: 11 Coins P (7), N (0), D (1), Q (3) = $0.92

1 comment:

Mandy said...

My bet for completion is 9 months! The time it takes to have a baby!!!!
Hee hee!
So end of November... hmmm, just in time for your birthday!