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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day #802 - Building Permit

Today was one of those really good days when things seemed to be falling into place.

Can I just use bullet items here? (engineering style).

· Met with Civil Engineer on site at 9 AM

· Had porta-potty serviced

· Got sign off of the Rough Grading Inspection

I thought it would take 15-20 minutes to conduct our business at the City today - it took 75. During that time we:

· Submitted Soils Compaction Report

· Met with City Grading Engineer for Pad Certification
His first words, “You have a blank spot for ‘Pad Elevation’, this application is rejected”. We explained that we have zero pad under the house, we are building above the ground. He met with his supervisor, we called the Civil Engineer for his OK on the edits to the form, and eventually resolved that issue.

· Requested the Building PermitWe were told we had not yet cleared the Special Fire Annexation Process. (That is a 3-4 month ordeal). Made a call, got a special conditional release.

· Got stamps and signatures from the Planning Department, then the Engineering Department, then the Building Department.

· Paid the thousands of dollars in fees

· Walked out with the Building Permit! We may now begin Building!

After all the flood repair work on the Duarte condo, we put it up for rent one month ago. No applications for a month. Then four applications today!

There were several more nice things, (Grader Craig is improving, some sweet emails from Penny Pals, etc,) but that is enough to share.

Pennies? I didn’t really think of them today - the focus was on getting those certificates and permits! Found one penny at the gas station and then one on the floor at the bank! (Coins #1&2)

God’s 2¢ Worth for today - plus a lot of other good things.

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